Google Earth Gets Us All With The Circle Game

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Google Earth Gets Us All With The Circle Game

Just when you thought you'd cracked the circle game, Google Earth has gone and got us all.

But this anonymous legend has absolutely won the game. When it was out mapping Italy, a LAD must have clocked the Google Street View car as it approached.

Instead of trying to get his face immortalised forever on the internet, the quick thinker decided to play the circle game with the entire internet. It's safe to say he definitely won.


If, somehow, you're not familiar with the concept, let me explain it to you.

The rules of the game are pretty simple: one person simply forms a ring or circle with their thumb and index finger, before trying to trick another unsuspecting person to look at it. If they're successful, the first person (let's call them 'the winner') gets to punch the other ('the loser') as hard as they can on the arm with a clenched fist.

But this guy isn't the only person who's played us though.


Taxi driver, Kyle Hesketh, 29, was sat in the car with his girlfriend when he saw an opportunity he couldn't allow to pass by.

Kyle, from Ormskirk, West Lancs, told LADbible: "Basically I play the 'Circle Game' game all the time. I was parked up one afternoon and saw that the Google Street Maps car was pulling in where I was parked.

"I thought, 'Wonder if they will see this?' So I did it and it picked it up.

"I play the game with my mates, brother, girlfriend and dad all the time, to their annoyance. I took the opportunity when I saw him driving in.


"I did it in mid October this year and kept checking to see if I would be on there, then my girlfriend rang me and it had been put on."

Kyle trolled us all with his Circle Game attempt on Google Street View. Credit: LADbible
Kyle trolled us all with his Circle Game attempt on Google Street View. Credit: LADbible

Who knows how many more are hiding in the depths of Google Maps.

If you're wondering where it came from, 18 years ago there was an episode of Malcolm In The Middle which aired - it was called 'The Circle Game' and the rest seems to be history...


The fraternal game was revealed in the second series of the hit comedy, when the family are eating at the dinner table and Malcolm's brother Reese knocks his fork off the table. When Malcolm bends down to pick it up, his older brother takes the opportunity and delivers a pummelling.

However, what these two haven't taken into account is that it must be below the waist. Better luck next time, LADs.

Featured Image Credit: Google Earth

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