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Fitness Instagram Blogger Divides Opinion On Growing Her Underarm Hair

Stewart Perrie

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Fitness Instagram Blogger Divides Opinion On Growing Her Underarm Hair

Decades of social conditioning means guys and girls grow up with different ideas of where hair should be grown. Most people would agree that hair on their head is a good thing but that's about the only thing that everyone agrees on.

Most men can and do grow beards or facial hair and most women won't want to, most blokes don't touch their underarm or chest hair and most women remove it, there is mixed opinion on the pubic region, but when that's removed from the equation we go back to most guys leaving their leg hair as is, and most women get it taken off.


But of course, there are people who don't go along with this social conditioning and do whatever they want - and they're totally entitled to do that. Introducing fitness blogger Morgan Mikenas, who has recently turned heads regarding the stuff in her armpits.

With a following of nearly 100,000, it's no surprise that a picture showing her underarm hair has drawn a barrage of conflicting opinions.


Morgan wrote on the Instagram picture: "What we believe, becomes reality. When we believe we aren't enough, we will let insecurity run our life. This is a reminder that YOU ARE ENOUGH!

"YOU are strong enough to face anything life throws at you!


"YOU are intelligent enough to conquer anything you dream of.

"YOU are worthy of love and respect from yourself and others.. and if people don't accept you for who you are, FUCK EM!!


"There will always be one person who will always accept/appreciate the person you are, and that person is YOU!"


While Ms Mikenas usually focuses on her toned abs, thighs or fitness routines, this one got a bit personal - and so did the comments.

One person wrote: "Yes and I am sure your boyfriend is delighted...and all these idiots that are 'supporting you' with these comments = NONE OF THEM WILL LEAVE THAT DISGUSTING FOREST TO GROW ON THEIR BODIES !!! I am wondering why you even wipe your arse after taking a dump?? Its natural like all the animals."

Yeah, someone actually wrote that.

Thankfully, the number of haters were outweighed by the number of people who thought this was a brilliant example of a woman embracing her body.

One user said: "You'd make a better role model for teenage girls and young women of today who feel self conscious because of the supposed 'perfect female image' portrayed in the media."

Sure, Morgan isn't going to change the entire world based on this post alone (especially considering that some companies make a lot of money off women wanting to shave hair off their bodies), but it will help some people alter the way they look at themselves and help them become more confidence.

Sources: Instagram

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/MorganMikenas

Topics: Viral, Instagram, Interesting, Social Media, Hair and Beauty, Community, Fitness

Stewart Perrie
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