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Lightsaber-Wielding Star Wars Fan Destroyed By Stormtrooper At Disneyland

Lightsaber-Wielding Star Wars Fan Destroyed By Stormtrooper At Disneyland

Donald Duck would never be so brutal

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A trip to Disneyland is supposed to be a magical experience you'll never forget.

But for one man, it was a brutal encounter at the theme park which will live the longest in his memory.

The Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge park - which opened at Disneyland California in May and Disney World Orlando in August - promises fans the chance to 'live your Star Wars adventure, in a galaxy far, far away'.

However, the opening of Galaxy's Edge also means that visitors can no longer rest assured that costumed characters will be the jovial types who want nothing more than a high five and a photograph.

One lightsaber-wielding bloke found this out the hard way while visiting Galaxy's Edge when he came across a stromtrooper. Reacting as any good Jedi would, the guy raised his weapon, however, his glowing sword of energy was no match for the savage put-down of the stormtrooper.

In a clip of the face-off, the stormtrooper can be seen calmly approaching the man before saying: "If there's one Jedi left, it's not you."

With that, Galaxy's Edge erupts in laughter as Obi-None Kenobi slumps his head.

The lightsaber was no match for the mockery of the stormtrooper.

The guy's humiliation was not confined to the galaxy far, far away though, as the footage was shared far and wide on social media and has now been viewed more than five million times.

Judging by the response to the clip in a Reddit thread, it seems plenty of people have had memorable interactions with stormtroopers at the park before now - though admittedly, none quite so brutal.

One person said: "The Disneyland stormtroopers are hilarious - my sister was on a scooter in the park surrounded by a sea of people in Tomorrowland, and out of nowhere these two stormtroopers saddle up to each side of her scooter and began ordering everyone in the crowd to 'Step Aside!!' Best escort service ever."

Another said: "The immersion at Galaxy's Edge is insane! When I went, a resistance member came up to me and told me that there was a group of stormtroopers patrolling the area, and she wanted me to signal her when they were coming her way. When I signalled her and she ran away, the stormtroopers came up to me (they obviously noticed that I signalled her) and said 'have you seen any resistance spies in the area?'

"In my many years of going to Disneyland, that was definitely my favourite day."

Better luck next time then eh, Obi-Wan Kenobody.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jumpingbean.mp4

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