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Man Tests Theory That Vans Always Land On The Sole And It's Freaky

Man Tests Theory That Vans Always Land On The Sole And It's Freaky

It doesn't take too long for something online to go unmistakably viral in 2019.

It just needs to hit the right spot between curiosity, hilarity and weird for people to pick it up, run with it and before you know it, it's everywhere.


Think back to things like the black and blue vs white and gold dress, think Yanny vs Laurel, think Tide Pods. I could go on.

But there's a new trend that's grabbed everyone's attention on social media and it has to do with gravity, physics and Vans shoes. Yeah - those Vans, the black and white chequered yet laceless shoes everyone had at one point of the adolescence.

The theory goes: doesn't matter how you throw a pair of Vans, they'll always land the right side up.

One bloke on Twitter has tested the hypothesis not once, not twice, not thrice, but 10 times and the result is freakishly cool.


Bernard Pereda uploaded the minute long video to Twitter, showing how in different circumstances, with different shoes, the Vans always manage to land on the sole.

The video has notched up more than 2.5 million views and been liked close to 200,000 times.

People have posted their own videos in the comments section, seemingly confirmed the theory.

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One person wrote: "So I seen this Van theory on twitter and decided to stop what I'm doing in class and test it out...IT REALLY WORKS PEOPLE."

Sure, there are a couple examples which might not stack up, but the overwhelming evidence suggests what the theory says: like cats or buttered toast, a thrown Van will end up on its foot.

Go on, you're dying to try it now aren't you.

The thinking behind the phenomenon is that the soles are made from a heavy material, meaning gravity will always try and pull the sole down.

Unlike the bottle flip challenge; the weight isn't as unevenly distributed so you're in the running for a nice, even, clean toss. Yes, we're talking shoe physics right now.

Weirdly, when the bottle flip was starting to be a 'thing' back in 2016, a guy tried to flog his expertly flipped water bottle on eBay for, wait for it, $11,000.

That wasn't his starting price, that's what someone actually bid.

It did have the guy's signature so maybe that's what the bidder was secretly hoping for.

Who knows, we might be seeing some flipped Vans on sellers websites for the same reason.

Featured Image Credit: BernardPereda/Twitter

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