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Man explains bizarre theory that we are everyone that’s ever lived

Man explains bizarre theory that we are everyone that’s ever lived

It's definitely one to think about

A man has explained a bizarre theory that we are everyone that’s ever lived.

Whether it's the moon landing, JFK's assassination, Paul McCartney's death or even the general concept of lizard people - we're all very aware that the internet is jam-packed with a whole bunch of conspiracy theories.

Many of which seem to bring about a sense of wonder infused with a touch of existentialism, with one man explaining a pretty peculiar 'egg theory' that suggests every human that has ever been in existence has been everyone else before.

A man has explained the 'egg theory' which claims we are everyone that’s ever lived.

Odd - I know.

The man, who goes by the handle @pateksconspiracyarchive, took to TikTok to share the bizarre theory with his 1.1 million followers.

He began with the mind-boggling statement: "What if I told you I am you and you are me."

Continuing the explanation, he admitted: "Now I know that sounds crazy, but just hear me out.

"There is a theory known as the 'egg theory'."

According to the man, the theory states 'that you are everyone who has ever lived and will ever live in this world'.

Pretty meta, right?

He went on: "So the way this works is that every time you die, you get reincarnated and then you turn into another person."

The bloke carried on with the rundown of the theory, explaining: "So in this life, I can be me but in my next life, I could be like Drake or my mum or someone."

It's a pretty meta concept to get your head around.

Oh - and it doesn't stop there.

"Everything you learn in your past life comes to you in your next life," he added.

The theorist then offered a possible answer to the question we've probably all been wondering since we were in primary school.

He said: "So what if this is why some people are so good at, let's say, math, but some people suck at it?

"It's because those people learn math in their past life. Does that makes sense?"

I mean, theoretically speaking, it kind of does.

In reality, however, it's clear many would disagree.

The man resolved: "Now, after being reincarnated over so many times, you eventually know everything and become your own God.

"And that is the egg theory."


Now, why on earth is it called the 'egg theory' you may be wondering?

Well, the theory is said to have been originally proposed by the US novelist Andy Weir who argued that the universe is made entirely and exclusively for you - yes you.

He published the short story, The Egg, back in 2009 which mapped out how the entire universe was created as an egg for the main character which is represented by all of humanity.

After enough time, when you have lived every human life ever, you will finally be born as a god.

This quote from the story pretty much sums it all up: "Once you've lived every human life throughout all time, you will have grown enough to be born.

"So the whole universe [...] it's just [...] an egg. Now it's time for you to move on to your next life."

Well, now you know.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@pateksconspiracyrchive

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