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Redditor With One Hand Shares Clever Joke About Hand Cream

Redditor With One Hand Shares Clever Joke About Hand Cream

Some people just know how to own the internet with a sense of humour. One such person appeared at the top of Reddit Funny on Wednesday.

Posting a 'before and after' photo, SadDrunkLlama showed a picture of a tube of hand restoring cream on the left.

It read 'Maybe this will work?....'. The picture on the right showed the 'after' result, with the comment 'nothing's happening...'

The image showed an arm without a hand with some of the cream rubbed on the end.


Credit: Supplied

By the dictionary definition of 'restore', the picture posted by SadDrunkLlama joked about the whole hand being restored.

Many commenting on the Reddit post were quick to throw in their own puns. One user, sbrown603, replied with a picture of something similar. By using a different cream, it appeared he had 'sprouted' fingers.


It was all taken in good spirits as SadDrunkLlama replied to one comment by saying: "Let's give this fella a hand for that joke!" And: "Round of applause, am I right."

LADbible have approached SadDrunkLlama, who has since deleted the Reddit account, for further comment.

This isn't the first time ambiguous labels or signs have caused confusion - or at least made people question their meanings.

Michael Coghlan posted on Flickr an image of some instructions on the ground which provide a 'turn right' directive.


Either way, something is wrong in this photo. If the arrow is pointing in the correct direction, then surely the writing should be 90 degrees anticlockwise? And if the writing is the correct way up, then the arrow most certainly isn't.

Credit: Michael Coghlan (Creative Commons)

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The same photographer then snapped an image of a charging point in a school or university and captioned it: "For electric students."


The sign reads, 'student charging area' - which more than implies that it is for the students to charge themselves, rather than their electrical equipment.

Credit: Michael Coghlan (Creative Commons)

Another example saw David Goehring posting a photo of a sign outside a school which reads: "Truancy Prevention Project Class."


He added: "I get a kick out of the sign when I read 'project' as a verb.

"Like, the solution to kids skipping school is for them to appear classy... not sure why my mind goes there."

Credit: David Goehring (Creative Commons

Finally, in response to a councillor's supposedly positive message in California, one resident was a little confused as to which way it should be read.

The message, from Rep Jeffrey Denham, stated: "You matter. Don't give up."

But as one Twitter user noted: "Jeffrey, how are we to read your latest ambiguous election sign? Left to right? Up and down? Or are they two signs?"

This implies the message could have read: "You don't matter. Give up."

Featured Image Credit: Supplied

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