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Single Student Has Been Trolled Online After Revealing Hairy Legs

Single Student Has Been Trolled Online After Revealing Hairy Legs

Ana Calatayud Perez-Manglano decided to stop shaving back in November

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

We're still waiting for that day when people can do what TF they want as long as it's not hurting anyone else. One person who doesn't conform to a 'social norm' in shaving her legs has found out the hard way that this still isn't the case.

Ana Calatayud Perez-Manglano, 24, decided to stop shaving last November because she... wait for it... simply didn't want to. She also explained that she will only start again when she feels like it.

But after uploading a video of her legs covered hair on to social media, the fine arts student from Valencia, Spain, was stunned to see that she was being hit by a barrage of sexist comments.

Ana claims she received dozens of messages from trolls telling her 'you haven't had sex in a long time' or 'I would break up with my girlfriend if she looked like this'.

That person would probably be doing their girlfriend a favour, but who are we to judge?

Ana Calatayud Perez-Manglano.

Ana said: "I was just lazy and didn't want to shave - I don't have any complex, I don't really care what people say.

"I am not ashamed of having hairy legs - women are like this, hairy and we choose to shave or not if we don't want to. It has nothing to do with feminism or trying to make a point - I just didn't want to.

"I am tired of having to shave because I'm obliged to by society, and I won't do so until I feel like it. Since stopping in November I haven't shaved to this day and I don't know when I will."

Ana's bikini line.

Ana said she was surprised to see a lot of people reacted to her video, which racked up more than 9,000 shares to date, to say she was single just because of her hairy legs.

She said while she is single, it has nothing to do with her body hair. Other trolls called her 'horrible and disgusting' while one commenter said: "If you don't want to have sex, just say it."

But Ana claims although most of the comments were negative, she did receive some support messages from women who wanted to thank her for making hairy legs seem normal.

Ana received nasty messages from many people.

She added: "I am single right now, but I have never had a problem with my ex-boyfriends - no man has ever made me shave my legs because they thought I was dirty or gross.

"The worst comment I've received was from someone who told me I suffered from depression and I had low self-esteem because I stopped shaving. I can't believe I was diagnosed by a random person on the internet - it's unbelievable.

"I told him I suppose it would be the same for him and his beard. I have to say there were a lot of people who messaged me to say 'thank you' or just to support me and that's what I am going to keep from all this."

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