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Woman horrified after discovering stranger had been secretly living under her floorboards for months

Dominic Smithers

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A woman has spoken of her horror after finding someone living under her floorboards 'for months'.

Ashly Guardino, from California, revealed recently that she had been hearing strange noises coming from somewhere.

Thinking there might be something on her roof, she got out of bed and went out to investigate.

But rather than finding a bird roosting in her guttering or maybe rats scratching about, Ashly discovered that there was actually a live human being under her home.


In a video posted to her TikTok channel, the concerned homeowner can be seen standing outside her house.

"I'm standing at the front door and I'm, like, peeking out and I see the grass moving," she explains.

Ashly spotted an arm coming out of the hole in her house. Credit: TikTok/ashlyguardino
Ashly spotted an arm coming out of the hole in her house. Credit: TikTok/ashlyguardino

"A f***ing arm comes out of the hole and is feeling around."


Ashly then pans round to show a large - man sized - hole gaping by her front door. Not at all utterly f**king terrifying.

She then moves to the side of the property, revealing how the individual managed to get inside in the first place.

Ashly goes on: "There is a whole a*s man living here for months. Living underneath the house. You know how creepy it is to see a f***ing arm come out of this, feeling around the side of the house?"

Returning to the front of the house, she adds: "Imagine being half awake and seeing an arm, a dirty arm come out of this hole."


The clip then cuts to a police officer poking his head through the hole at the side of the property.

Police were called and arrested the man. Credit: TikTok/ashlyguardino
Police were called and arrested the man. Credit: TikTok/ashlyguardino

Two cops are then seen with their guns drawn, demanding that the person gets out of the house.

The man involved was eventually brought out and arrested by the two police officers, with Ashly claiming that he was 'high as s**t'.


It all ends with the man being taken to the police car.

Since the post was shared, it's been viewed more than six million times, with viewers outraged and horrified in equal measure.

"This happened to my best friend," claimed one person. "Didn’t know until she heard coughing under the floorboards."

Another said: "The anxiety this would cause me for the rest of my life I am so sorry."


"I would literally never sleep again," put a third.

While someone else added: "I pray that you can find peace in your home going forward."

Never sleeping ever again.

Topics: US News, Weird, Viral, TikTok

Dominic Smithers
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