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Woman Mortified After Inadvertently Landing Herself In Stripper Job Interview

Woman Mortified After Inadvertently Landing Herself In Stripper Job Interview

Her mistake soon dawned on her, but she didn't have the nerve to come clean

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A woman has opened up about how she inadvertently ended up in an interview for a stripper job.

The gaffe took place 10 years ago, when the woman - who was 18 at the time - noticed what looked like a nightclub opening near her house, with a tall blonde woman stood outside the front.

From here onwards, things get embarrassing.

It wasn't a nightclub, she soon found out.

Recounting how the awkward tale unfolded on the subreddit 'Today I F****d Up', the Reddit user explained: "I was happy to find a nightclub close to my home to hang out, so I stood there briefly looking for a name or something so I could check it further online when the tall blonde woman came to me and asked if she could help me with anything.

"She had the whole pimp vibe, but again, I was 18, stupid and clueless, and I wanted to 'sound cool' so I told her that I lived nearby, was thinking about hanging out there sometime, and asked for more information about the place.

"She looked at me from head to toe three times before asking, 'How old are you?', to which I proudly responded that I was 18 and five months (such a grown-up, right??) and she invited me inside to get to know the place and her business partner. I thought I was going to get free drinks or something and decided to go with the flow."

Her naivety quickly became apparent though, as she was guided through a building filled with poles and posters of naked ladies, right through to a little office out the back.

She continued: "There was a man sitting behind a desk, and the woman told him about this lovely young girl who wanted to know more about the club and asked him to give me information.

"I politely thanked her as she left, and there I was, alone with this guy in a small office at the back of a strip club, realizing that the situation was weird but still clueless and trying to be cool so I asked if he could just give me a flyer or something and I'd be on my way.

"Well, he wanted to get to know me first, so he asked me to sit down as he asked questions like what I did for a living, where I lived, if I liked to dance, if I had finished my studies, where I had worked before, if I did drugs and other super personal stuff.

"I was confused but only when he asked to see my ID I realized that I was in a job interview."

She inadvertently ended up being interviewed at the strip club.

Oh dear.

But rather than politely explaining the misunderstanding and getting out of there, she went along with it, before explaining weeks later that she was no longer interested - as if she ever was.

She said: "I was paralyzed and had no idea what to do, so I just gave him my ID and after a good look he told me the club was closed for a renovation, but there would be a big reopening in a month so they were looking for dancers and 'maybe more depending on my performance' so if I could just leave my contact information they would give me a call.

"I wrote down my real name and number on a piece of paper (yes, I'm that stupid) and got out of there actually THANKING HIM FOR HIS TIME and feeling like the dumbest person on earth.

"The woman at the door asked how it was, to which I replied, 'It was great, see you later!' and left feeling even dumber.

"They called me a couple of weeks later and I just said I was not interested anymore and that was the end of it."

Great stuff.

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