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Mum Left Mortified As Postman 'Smirks' Handing Over Parcel After Seeing Label

Mum Left Mortified As Postman 'Smirks' Handing Over Parcel After Seeing Label

Chloe Lythgoe had treated herself to a £15 sex toy but when she opened the door she was met with a 'weird look'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

There's no shame in ordering sex toys - let's get that out there for a start. Saying that, most people would prefer their postie not to know the contents of an X-rated parcel. So when Chloe Lythgoe's Amazon order arrived, she was left mortified to see that it had the description 'Statisfyer Clit Sucker Next Generation' on the front of the package, much to the postman's amusement:

The 21-year-old had purchased the product last year for the bargain price of £15 ($21) and waited for it patiently to arrive in it's 'discreet' packaging. Missed the memo there, didn't they?

She got a text message to say that her order was due to be delivered to her, but when she opened the door, she found her courier trying to contain a grin.

Following the red-faced incident last summer, the full-time mum came to the realisation that she was going to have to answer the door to the same driver every time she got a parcel.. so she moved. Only joking, she sucked it up like a boss.

Chloe, from Warrington, Cheshire, said: "I felt mortified. I went bright red, just closed the door and thought 'typical me'. I just wanted the ground to open up and eat me, it was less than discreet.

"I opened the door in my dressing gown too with my kids stood behind me wondering who was at the door with my hair up in a 'mum bun' - I bet I looked the part.

We sure hope it was worth it.
Kennedy News and Media

"I felt so embarrassed. Even now when he comes to the door I can't look at him in the eye, just knowing he knows what I get up to makes me cringe.

"He still delivers all my parcels and every time I open the door I think 'oh why? Please change'. I've got years of embarrassment to come."

She said she bought the toy after it was recommended to her, but the delivery details say the company makes discretion a 'primary consideration'.

Chloe went on to add: "When he pulled up at the drive it alerted me on my phone, he was just walking up the path and smiling to himself.

"The scanner [code] that they have to scan in was right next to the name of the product. I opened the door and he handed it over, smirking as if he knew what was in the box.

"It was awful, I looked at him as if to say 'please, I hope you've not seen it' and he looked back to say 'I know what's in there'."

Kennedy News and Media

Chloe said: "On the page it said it was discreet and I thought that was fine.

"Luckily I don't live with my parents or siblings and my kids are young - three, two and five months - so it's not too bad. They're not of reading age.

"When I told my friends, surprisingly they asked me how it was, so the company has sold quite a few [off the back of] my [Facebook] story, I believe."

Umm... commission for Chloe, please?

Back in 2020, an Amazon spokesman said: "Amazon is investigating the issue," and 'Satisfyer' were contacted for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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