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Bride concerned after only noticing major red flag during husband’s wedding speech

Bride concerned after only noticing major red flag during husband’s wedding speech

How would you feel about this?

A bride has taken to the internet for advice after revealing she spotted a 'red flag' on her wedding day.

It's probably not the best time to notice something concerning about your brand new spouse, but nevertheless, the bride was shocked at what she discovered.

Unsure whether she was reading too much into it, the woman took to Reddit to gauge the opinion of others.

She explained that everything had been going well and that her husband is a 'very sweet and kind person'.

But when it came to his wedding speech, she was left a little stunned.

"So I recently got married to my husband. He is a very sweet and kind person," she began.

"Well we got married recently and he gave a speech during our wedding reception. It was really sweet and emotional."

The bride was concerned about the groom's speech.
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The bride went on to explain there was one part of the speech that left her confused.

"But then he said something like 'And when we were dating, I knew I have to marry you, as nobody can tolerate you better than me, and I love tolerating you.'

"Everybody laughed and I did as well, as it was supposed to be a fun banter and didn't think much of it.

"Well, I do get giddy and too excited if I am happy and would talk a lot while my husband is very calm and patient and always listens, but I can see that it could be annoying for others.

"Well, we had a great time and recently came from our honeymoon, but just wondering, do other guys also joke about their spouse like that?"

Redditors were quick to point out that the line strongly resembled a scene in Friends in which Chandler says he loves 'maintaining' Monica after Phoebe calls her high maintenance.

"Are y’all fans of Friends by any chance? This is very similar to a comment Chandler makes about Monica because all their friends say she’s high maintenance and she doesn’t like that," one wrote.

"Chandler saves her feelings by saying yes you’re high maintenance but I love maintaining you. Maybe not the best time for your husband to make that comment, but hopefully the intent was good."

Another said the scene had come into their mind 'instantly', too.

A third added: "I doubt the intentions were anything but a loving joke, but there's a time and place for everything.

"I would mention to him that it made you uncomfortable, but I don't think it's worth fighting about."

Not everyone was so forgiving of the groom though. One simply wrote: "Red flag."

Another said: "His response will tell you everything. If he’s apologetic and explains that’s not really what he meant ('I just heard it somewhere and public speaking kind of freaked me out so I just kinda said it, I’m sorry' etc) then I think you’re fine.

"If he’s defensive or tries to tell you it’s not a big deal and you’re being dramatic, then that’s definitely a red flag to me."

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