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Cyclist Writes 'Merry Christmas' On Strava During 79-Mile Ride

Cyclist Writes 'Merry Christmas' On Strava During 79-Mile Ride

It's an Ex-STRAVA-gant festive message

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A cyclist has been bringing some much-needed festive cheer to the streets of London by drawing out 'Merry Christmas' on his tracking app across a bike ride.

Anthony Hoyte plotted out a 78.6 mile journey around the UK capital whilst his Strava app was turned on, leaving a lovely Christmas message in his wake.

It's pretty impressive, when you think about it. A lot of planning and effort - not least to cycle nearly 80 miles - must have gone into this.

Pretty impressive, right?
Anthony Hoyte/Strava

Hoyle, who is from Cheltenham, has been doing this for a while, as it turns out. Back in 2019 he left an incredibly detailed and accurate reindeer, and back in 2017 he managed to draw a lovely snowman using the streets as his canvas.

Speaking to BBC News, Hoyte said: "I love that my drawings - especially the Christmas ones - seem to be appreciated."

However, even with a carefully planned route, there were still complications along the way and obstacles that either had to be overcome or avoided entirely.

The route had to be altered 'on the fly' on occasions due to roadworks, diversions and - in some cases - roads that had been closed down altogether.

That meant the route wasn't exactly what he'd planned, but as you can see, he still managed to get the job done.

Hoyte explained: "There are so many road closures for Crossrail and there were a couple of gated estates I hadn't anticipated.

"Also, the 'r' in Christmas was supposed to take in a bit of Regent's Park, but it was closed by the time I got there."

"For most of these obstacles, I managed to find an alternative route.

"But for Crossrail at Euston I had to 'cheat' - pause my recording, navigate to the other side of the works and then set it going again. This creates a straight line between the two points."

Here's Hoyte's 2019 effort.
Anthony Hoyte/Strava

Well, he might have had to bend the rules there, but no-one's going to worry too much about that.

After all, are there really any hard and fast rules when it comes to drawing out 80 miles of Christmas cheer around a major city?

Probably not.

He commenced his route in North London before heading west across through Camden and Hampstead, then swinging east again.

Hoyte then headed down through the southern parts of the city, before cycling his way back up through the East End to finish back where he started.

It took him nine hours and 10 minutes, but you'd have to say it was worth every second.

Featured Image Credit: Anthony Hoyte

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