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Cheaters Open Up About Why They Go Behind Their Partners' Backs

Cheaters Open Up About Why They Go Behind Their Partners' Backs

Cheating is one of the worst things you can do to your partner. It leads to an evaporation of trust and a broken relationship that will always struggle to be healed.

Yet some people, according to a recent Reddit discussion, see cheating as a broader spectrum, as opposed to the black and white of right or wrong.


The feed asked: "Cheaters of Reddit, how did your affair start and end?"

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For some, the reason was to get out a of relationship that had turned sour.

A Redditor wrote: "I had an affair with a co-worker that was significantly older than me. We were both in very unhappy relationships."


One of the cheating couple had a partner who had a serious spending habit, the other was with someone who had a drug problem. After a year of seeing each other on the quiet, they were caught.

Both split from their respective partners and the two cheaters ended up living together - they've been married for ten years.

For another, an abusive relationship led them to cheat - however, it had a positive ending.

Others on the Reddit feed spoke of how cheating was a way to get over their insecurity.

One claimed they were too young to understand.

While another said he cheated as a way of 'getting even'.

Some failed to offer an excuse, and even suggested that they were serial offenders.

Whereas some failed to suggest any sympathy for those affected, there were some commenters who felt a deep sense of regret.

"A horrible mistake that I still regret," wrote one.

Another added: "Not everyone is a good person and they often end up using Person 1 as a safety net or guaranteed sex while they mess around with Person 2, Person 3, etc."

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"Damn, how crushed would I be as the wife if she ever found out... now I feel sad," said one user.

Being cheated on must be one of the most crushing feelings in the world. The one you trusted has gone behind your back.

One girl, however, channelled those feelings by smashing up her ex-boyfriend's car. Recorded on Saturday afternoon, footage shows the girl mashing up a BMW. Well, that's one way of processing your grief, I suppose.

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