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Landlord Claims Ghost With 'BO' Is Haunting Her Pub

Landlord Claims Ghost With 'BO' Is Haunting Her Pub

She said the spirit regularly moves things and has even touched staff

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A landlord claims a ghost with BO is haunting her pub and has even been caught moving objects on CCTV. You can watch the spectre move an alcohol measure on the bar in the video below:

Adelle Gill - who runs The White Hart in Corsley, Wiltshire with her partner Steve Ellis - said staff have had to 'put up with a lot' at the hands of the spectre, who has routinely moved objects and even touched employees.

Most recently the ghost, known as Henry, was accused of moving a spirit measure last Friday (2 June), with the mysterious moment captured on the boozer's CCTV.

Adelle Gill - who runs the pub with her partner Steve Ellis - said she didn't believe in ghosts until she began regularly crossing paths with smelly old Henry after moving into the pub two years ago.

She told Somerset Live: "It is not the only thing that has happened here.

"We call him Henry and believe him to be a previous landlord of the pub.

"I know it sounds bonkers but you can smell him, its like a musty BO smell. We smell that and then something happens.

"Before we moved in here I didn't believe in ghosts but too much happens."

While the latest incident was pretty harmless, Adelle said Henry has carried out creepier deeds in the past.

She recalled: "Our staff have put up with a lot. One time I was getting something out of the safe and I felt a hand around my leg, fingers and thumb gripping it. It was unreal.

"A couple of times I've had regulars walk out looking very spooked and it's only a week or so later they admit they saw something behind the bar.

Adelle runs the pub with her partner Steve.
The White Hart Corsley

"We've seen it too - it's hard to describe its like a fast moving vapour trail, we've got it on CCTV too.

"The waiters have felt hands touching them too and been scratched by something. They seem to get picked on a bit.

"Another time, a set of dishes that are usually on top of the fridge had been lined out neatly in a perfect row overnight."

She continued: "The kitchen staff have also had things thrown at them and our chest deep freezer opens on its own, which shouldn't be possible because its tough to open.

"And our ice machine opens and closes on its own.

"Not only that one of the customers said one she felt someone tug on her bag in the bathroom but there was no one there.

"Also we can hear noises sometimes from the hall which aren't right."

So, why exactly is Henry being such a d***? Well, Adelle has a theory.

She said: "I think that Henry may be upset that we redecorated without asking his permission."

Maybe he's just saying hello from the other side, Adelle?

Featured Image Credit: The White Hart Corsley

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