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Landlord Shares Heartbreaking Post About Regular Who Goes To The Pub Alone

Landlord Shares Heartbreaking Post About Regular Who Goes To The Pub Alone

Since sharing his story, he's been inundated with messages

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

An old man who drinks in the same pub every day, has found himself going viral after the pub's landlord took the time out to chat to him and he revealed his heart-breaking story.

Benjamin Lopez, bar manager at The Lord Byron in Northampton, decided to sit down with John, one of the pub's regulars, who always comes into the pub alone.

Benjamin told LADbible: "I've been here as the manager for a month and I saw John would come in every day, Monday to Friday, and have his pint of John Smith's. He never speaks to anyone - people are friendly and they'll say hi to him, but he's always alone.

Credit Benjamin Lopez
Credit Benjamin Lopez

"So I decided to chat to him and we got on great. He seemed really happy to talk to me, and opened up a bit about his life.

"He told me that he has no family anymore. Both his parents and his brother had died and he has no wife or kids. He said he lives alone and doesn't really get the chance to talk to anyone anymore."

Heart-breaking stuff, eh?

After hearing John's story, Benjamin, who regularly does charity fundraising following the tragic death of his sister, decided to share it on Facebook with hopes of getting a few messages of support he could pass on to John.

Benjamin Lopez

But the post quickly went viral and Benjamin, and the pub's Facebook account, has been inundated with messages.

"It's been a really nice surprise," he said. "We've had people getting in touch from all over the UK. People have messaged to offer to buy him a drink - one woman got in touch to ask how much a John Smith's cost. I told her £3.20 and she transferred the money straight over.

"John was really happy when I showed him. I don't think it's all sunk in yet. I don't think he's really got his head around it all.

Benjamin Lopez

"He's had people coming in and buying him pints and sandwiches - and wanting to sit and chat with him. It's been amazing."

As well as messages from people wanting to buy him a pint, others have got in touch to try and arrange days out for John where he can spend time with others and meet new people.


Ah, isn't the Internet great, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Benjamin Lopez

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