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Poundland Shopper Sticks Sanitary Towel To Her Face After Forgetting Mask

Poundland Shopper Sticks Sanitary Towel To Her Face After Forgetting Mask

'The mask was comfy and it smelt fresh - obviously it was clean'

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A woman who forgot her face covering for a visit to Poundland improvised by sticking a sanitary towel to her mush.

Rachel Taylor, from Atherton, Greater Manchester, UK, was planning on popping into the discount store with her friend Elizabeth Per to pick up a few bits.

But her plan to go shopping was thwarted when the 30-year-old rental manager couldn't find her face covering.

No one batted an eyelid, apparently.
Kennedy News and Media

Unperturbed, Rachel decided to use a sanitary towel instead - and it worked.

Well, I say it worked; it worked in the sense that she was able to get her shopping done; I can't vouch for the efficacy of sanitary towels in mitigating the spread of Covid-19.

Rachel used a pair of sunglasses to hold the alternative face covering in place, which finished off her look quite nicely.

Reflecting on how the bizarre ensemble came to be, she said: "I was tipping my car upside down looking for a mask - I found one for Elizabeth and then found a sani pad.

"I thought I'd use it for a laugh and stuck it to my face, but it kept falling off.

"I mean what do you do with this mask situation - you have to wear one don't you? You have to improvise, I'd rather look silly than have a fine anyway.

"It was an Always sanitary pad, I went for a posh one.

It's quite the look.
Kennedy News and Media

"I felt like Elizabeth was my guide dog because I had these sunglasses on and I couldn't see anything. The mask was comfy and it smelt fresh - obviously it was clean.

"I don't really get that embarrassed as such. The woman who served us at the till was either pretending she hadn't noticed, or wasn't fazed by it."

The only hitch was paying - not because she forgot her purse too, but because she tried using Apple Pay, which unsurprisingly was unable to recognise her face.

Elizabeth said: "The funniest thing is no one even stared at her like she was doing anything weird. We were both laughing in the shop - I was trying to walk away from her, to be honest.

This sort of thing is just textbook Rachel behaviour.
Kennedy News and Media

"The woman [at the till] asked, 'Are you paying by cash or card?' and Rachel said, 'Oh, I'll pay by my phone,' and it didn't even recognise her face.

"The shop assistant didn't even bat an eyelid that she had a sanitary towel on her face.

"She's my best friend and I just thought, 'That's just Rachel to be fair.'"

Classic Rachel.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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