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TikTok Time Traveller Warns What’s To Come In Next Three Years

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TikTok Time Traveller Warns What’s To Come In Next Three Years

A self-professed 'time traveller' has revealed a couple of events that will happen in the next three years - you can check out the predictions here:


Nice of him to give us a heads up, eh?

The TikTok user posted the clip in which he makes a couple of 'revelations' about what we've got to look forward to in the next few years.


The clip starts off by warning: "This is not a joke. I am a time traveller, this is a brief summary of what's to come in the near future."

While the words appear on the screen, the video in the background seems to show the moon bursting into flames - thankfully, that doesn't look to be one of the predictions made.

The video then cuts to under the sea, while the text reads: "2022: The largest creature ever, the Cerine Croin is discovered."

This is followed by a second revelation that reads: "2024: World's biggest earthquake hits San Ysidro, California."


So there you go - you can plan accordingly now you know what's coming.

Credit: TikTok/@follow_for_follow.08
Credit: TikTok/@follow_for_follow.08

Although quite how the world's largest ever creature has managed to avoid being spotted before now is a bit of mystery.

This particular time traveller isn't the first to try and warn us all about what the future holds.


Last month, fellow TikTok user ᄂIVΣ YӨЦЯ ᄂIΣ told his followers that they are 'as free as they will ever be' right now.

In a series of videos posted to his channel, the mysterious time bandit claims the world's population in 3036 will reach record levels, with domestic animals such as cats and dogs considered 'exotic'.

"You're as free as you're ever gonna get, right now," he said.

"These are considered the last days of freedom, your kids won't even see it, so suck it up, because as simple-minded as your time period is, you got it pretty good, you just don't know it."


He also warned of something called the 'big blackout'.

He explained: "The big blackout, if I'm not mistaken, happens in December 2052.

"Basically, everything goes dark for upwards of five years, the internet, the power, it all gets disconnected, on account of what's called 'the terrors', but many speculate otherwise.

"Anyway, five years, it's turmoil, riots, you name it, it's pretty much the worst of times.

Credit: TikTok/@ᄂIVΣ YӨЦЯ ᄂIΣ
Credit: TikTok/@ᄂIVΣ YӨЦЯ ᄂIΣ

"It takes them upwards to 20 years to get the power back online, and even then it's absolute chaos.

"Believe it or not, our zoo consists of animals like dogs and cats, rabbits, squirrels - these are considered exotic animals.

"All of the larger species, like lions and tigers, cat species, the larger ones, elephants, they're all gone. The larger species no longer exist."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@follow_for_follow.08

Topics: Weird, TikTok

Claire Reid
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