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Man claiming to be 'last human' drives Lamborghini through town to 'prove he is time traveller'

Man claiming to be 'last human' drives Lamborghini through town to 'prove he is time traveller'

The TikToker has posted yet another video to prove his theory to viewers

A man who has been claiming to be the 'last human' on the planet in the future has posted another video to prove his point.

Known as @unicosobreviviente on TikTok, which translates from Spanish to 'lone survivor', he has garnered a following of over eight million on the social media platform.

The content creator also posts viral clips of him visiting tourist attractions that look devoid of any other people, and driving on roads that are bare.

Unico Sobreviviente, also known as Javier, claims to be a 'time traveller stuck in 2027', first claiming that he had been sent six years into the future back in 2021.

He also claimed that he was the last person on the planet that year, and has since shared clips of him exploring empty cities and areas that are usually busy, using it as evidence of his claims.

Examples of these busy areas are the Colosseum in Rome, or what looks to be an abandoned airport in Morocco,

But Javier has now chosen a different way to prove his point.

He often posts videos where he walks through big cities that appear to be completely empty.
YouTube/Único Sobreviviente

The 'last person' on Earth is now posting videos of him driving a luxury car down empty roads.

One of his latest posts was responding to a comment that said (after being translated): "It doesn't show the driver speeding up."

With the camera behind his shoulder, Javier can be seen driving an extravagant Lamborghini in the video which has now amassed over 11,000 likes.

All that can be seen are parked cars by the side of the road, with no moving vehicles or pedestrians in sight.

In another one of his clips, he is seen visiting Arsenal FC's Emirates Stadium, making his way around the 60,000 capacity arena with not another soul in sight.

He made it to the changing room, the exclusive Diamond club and even looked over the empty pitch in silence.

Javier also made a similar video while going around Chelsea FC's Stamford Bridge stadium.

In the TikTok, he can be seen driving down a bare street.

However, viewers have been left sceptical over the legitimacy of his claims, leaving comments below his Lamborghini video.

One user commented: "But how can I get stuck in 2027, so why does it say the video was uploaded in 2024?"

Another put: "If you are just there, go to a supermarket and get things for free."

A third said: "If you are the only survivor, drive your Lamborghini in Monte Carlo, Monaco"

Whether he will do any of these things is yet to be seen, but either he's a really talented video editor, or he really is talking to us from the future.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@unicosobreviviente

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