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Truth behind if Alien Egg toys from the 90s could actually have babies

Truth behind if Alien Egg toys from the 90s could actually have babies

Every playground had a kid who swore their Alien Egg had given birth

If you grew up at a certain time of life then you lived through the glory days of primary school playground gossip.

One day everyone would be talking about Toxic Waste sweets being banned because a kid had eaten them and died, the next it would be that those little Alien Egg toys could give birth.

There was always one kid who swore blind that theirs had given birth to a little alien, though the reason why this happened sometimes changed.

One playground would be rife with the rumour that it just happened if you were lucky enough to have one of the special ones, in another school you'd be told that putting it in the fridge would trigger a birth.

It's one of those things which people aren't sure is truth or myth, so let's get cracking on a possible answer.

Where do alien babies come from?

The Alien Egg was launched in 1999 by Martin Grossman, who, according to Vice, got the idea for the toy at three in the morning.

By Christmas that same year he'd sold three million of the toys and rumours about their ability to give birth to a smaller alien had already spread like wildfire.

Everyone wanted to get their hands on the plastic egg with a gooey alien inside as kids were convinced the aliens might come to life when the new millennium dawned.

One of the aliens which had been found by a cleaner at a tube station was even rushed to hospital because people thought it was a foetus, The Guardian reported in 1999.

Over the years millions more of the Alien Eggs have been sold and the idea that they could give birth has never really gone away.

We actually tried a few of the methods years ago, they didn't work.

Once the craze really took off some of the Alien Eggs came with little babies inside the pod, but that's kind of cheating when the playground myth was that you could buy one of them and make it give birth by itself.

This all might have depended on which version of the alien you got as it might have depended on whether you had one of the OG aliens or a different kind, but the OG Alien Eggs couldn't give birth.

There are some people who say they've figured out the chemical process involved with making an alien have a baby, with a YouTuber claiming that if you add sugar and salt you'll make the alien give birth.

We're not so sure that's how it works but you're welcome to give it a try yourself as long as you don't mind making a disastrous mess.

A few years ago LADbible actually tried a few of the popular myths on how to make them have babies and they were all unsuccessful.

As for the official verdict, LADbible asked Julie Pittilla, who has been doing PR for the Alien Egg since the very beginning.

She told us the Alien Eggs sold incredibly well but as far as them giving birth was concerned that was 'really out of the knowledge of mere humans'.

Can't argue with that, they are aliens after all.

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