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90s kids finally told truth behind if Alien Egg toys could have babies

90s kids finally told truth behind if Alien Egg toys could have babies

Everyone had a friend who swore blind their Alien Egg had given birth

Long before the advent of social media, kids in the 90s had to get inventive if they wanted to stay entertained.

For the younger generation things such as Tamagotchi, Crazy Bones and Stretch Armstrong might not mean much, but for the older readers these toys will bring back fond memories of simpler times when the biggest thing you had to worry about was how much pocket money you'd get that week.

One of the most enigmatic toys of the times was the Alien Egg, with every primary school having a kid who claimed their alien had given birth.

Who had one of these in primary school? (LADBible)
Who had one of these in primary school? (LADBible)

Although no one had any concrete proof that their gooey alien had birthed a little alien we all knew someone who swore blind that they had a pregnant alien.

Theories to how exactly the alien gave birth varied from school to school. One person would claim that putting the alien in the fridge was enough to tigger a pregnancy, while other people were told to let encase their alien in goo every night and hope for the best.

It's also worth noting that no one you know has actually seen an Alien Egg birth with their own eyes, but that doesn't mean the myth doesn't continue to remain part of our childhood mythology.

But can an Alien Egg toy actually give birth? Time to turn to science for the answer.

Back in 2018, LADBible decided to conduct a thorough investigation into whether or not the aliens could give birth, putting the little gooey creatures into the fridge, rubbing them together and even popping them in the microwave (we don't recommend you try this at home) to see if they could procreate.

Why were we all so fascinated by these creatures? (LADBible)
Why were we all so fascinated by these creatures? (LADBible)

Following several failed attempts to create gooey children, one of the aliens was sacrificed to answer the question once and for all.

Following an autopsy with a pair of scissors it was revealed that no, the Alien Egg toys could not give birth.

As to where did the rumour of alien pregnancy originally came from then?

None of us are quite sure, however, it could've even been a very clever marketing ploy to sell us the eggs. After all, the aliens didn't actually have much function beyond gathering all sorts of dust and dander if it was left outside of the egg.

The company behind the Alien Eggs would later capitalise off the myth by creating special birth pods containing mini aliens. However, we're sorry to inform you that this does not count as an alien birth.

Or maybe the the rumour just demonstrates the lengths of our creativity in a world without TikTok?

Guess we'll never know.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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