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Couple instantly regret opening message in a bottle they found washed up on beach

Couple instantly regret opening message in a bottle they found washed up on beach

The Aussie couple spotted the bottle washing up on the beach

A message in a bottle washing up on the beach is something we’re more used to seeing on the big screen (or singing along to in a song) than experiencing in real life.

It just seems like one of those things that never really happens. Except for this couple in Australia, it actually did.

Although, they faced instant regret after opening the bottle to retrieve the message.

Crystal and Rick shared a video of the mishap to TikTok, quickly going viral as they promise: “This was not a set up, it was a total accident.”

The couple were walking their dogs along a beach in North Queensland when they filmed a clear bottle coming into shore.

Rick says: “We’ve seen a bottle here, washed up. Looks like it’s got a message in it.”

The Aussie retrieves the bottle which appears to have a note inside and what looks like dirt or sand.

They say this is their ‘first message in a bottle’ ever as Crystal unscrews the lid.

Rick ponders how they’ll get it out as he then decides to shake out the content onto the sand below.

They filmed the bottle coming into shore.

But then realisation hits. The regret. The awkwardness. This is a total fail. And it’s where the in-caption ‘ooops sorry Geoff’ comes into play.

As they struggle to get the note out, Rick says to ‘just read it’ through the glass and Crystal begins: “Here lies… oh, their ashes.”

Yep, the Aussie couple had causally tipped out someone’s ashes onto the beach.

With quite the awkward voices they panic, ‘ah what’ and ‘oh no’, as Crystal reads out: “Here lies the ashes of Geoffrey.

“If found please throw bottle into outgoing tide so I can continue my journey.”

And Rick simply concludes: “Oops.”

The tipped out the contents...

One user wrote in the comments: “Looks like his journey has ended twice.”

As another joked: “Well anyways welcome to Australia Geoff.”

Others pointed out: “Ohh noo!! The extra little shakes to make sure he’s all out too.”

With another writing: “Oooops – enjoy your final resting spot Geoffrey.”

One said: “OMFG MY JAW IS ON THE FLOOR,” as many said: “kinda feel bad laughing.”

One user suggested: “Just put some sand back in there. And chuck it back in. No one will ever know.

And the couple revealed: “That’s exactly what I did. Tried to get all of him back in there. Felt bad bro.”

Yeah, he’s right, oops…

Featured Image Credit: auslapourway/TikTok

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