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Woman told to ‘burn’ dishwasher after making shocking discovery inside

Woman told to ‘burn’ dishwasher after making shocking discovery inside

Shannon Crocker got the shock of her life when she went to unload the kitchen appliance

Warning: this article contains images of a dead animal some viewers may find distressing.

You might have been left retching after finding a bit of mushy old grub lurking in the depths of your dishwasher, but it's not a patch on what this woman found skulking inside hers.

Shannon Crocker was probably left wishing she had donned her rubber gloves and hand washed her pots after opening the door and finding an extremely gruesome surprise which she wished was food-related.

The mum, who lives in Muckadilla - a rural town in southwest Queensland, Australia - explained that she was unloading her dishes last week when she got the shock of her life that left her leapfrogging over her furniture in fear.

And after sharing her dishwasher ordeal on social media, the leading advice Shannon received was to simply 'burn' her kitchen appliance, as people reckon it's now a complete write off.


To be fair, would you fancy sticking your crockery in for a clean after a green tree frog got trapped in it? I think not.

Shannon explained that there was no indication that an amphibian was inside the appliance before she went to empty it, adding there was no strange smells or splatters over her bowls and plates.

She shared a video to TikTok showing the poor frog lying spreadeagled on the bottom of the dishwasher, with it's legs appearing to be stuck in between the vents of the filter.

The shocked mum told Yahoo News: "I thought...Yuck! I am not touching that."

People can't believe that the creature - who she has dubbed 'Kermit' - managed to hop inside the kitchen appliance and had to endure a full dishwasher cycle, which ultimately it did not survive.

Shannon told her followers she 'felt very sorry for him' and believes it must have jumped inside after she had loaded her dishes inside, adding that she 'didn't see it before I turned the dishwasher on'.


The mum bravely decided to run her dishes through once more, rather than taking heed of the guidance she had received off people online.

Shannon added: "We live in the bush so frogs in the house aren’t a rarity. Although, I have never had one in the dishwasher before."

Social media users were left feeling quite queasy to say the least, so they shared their thoughts on the bizarre frog saga in the comment section.

One wrote: "Oh I'd be soaking the dishes in Clorox for a month."

Another added: "I'd burn the thing!"

A third said: "I'm throwing out ALL those dishes."

A fourth chimed in: "Awww this would have broken my heart."

And a fifth joked: "On the plus side, you don't have to unpack it if it's getting ran again."

Tree frogs are well known for getting where water wouldn't and are extremely common in the eastern side of Australia, so locals are sort of used to them emerging in bizarre places.

They often live for around 16 years and enjoy living near humans, so they are often spotted lurking on windowsills to chow down on insects who are drawn to the area by the light.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/acountrymum

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