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Brits are thinking unusual road sign is a 'wind-up' after spotting it

Brits are thinking unusual road sign is a 'wind-up' after spotting it

It's an incredibly rare sign, but enough people have run into them to bring it to attention

There are a number of road signs that we're familiar with, partly because we're forced to learn them before taking our driving test, and because we see the same few signs on motorways and roads on our commutes.

It's why so many people have been left shocked at the number of bizarre signs that have been passed and exist today, on British roads.

You may be driving along in your car on an unfamiliar route, when you suddenly see a sign that looks like it might have been made up - leaving you baffled at what it might mean.

One of these signs is a car with an explosion behind it - no, it's not the Department of Transport's attempts at recreating an epic action movie sequence, it's actually a warning sign.

Yes, this sign exists in real life. (Department of Transport)
Yes, this sign exists in real life. (Department of Transport)

If you see it, it means that vehicles carrying explosives are prohibited in that area, so you cannot continue down this road if you have fireworks in your trunk, or anything similar.

Expectedly, this sign will only be found near military facilities, so you won't need to keep an eye out for one of these on the M25.

Another roads include the infamous red ringed sign with nothing in the middle, meaning that vehicles are prohibited on the road you're on.

It's important not to leap out of your vehicle here though, just stop, turn around, and find another route. Please.

Or alternatively, break out the bicycle that might be stored in the boot of your car and continue on, though it's important to note that you can only push them and not ride them.

However, there is one particular sign that has baffled members of the British public, and it's the one below.

Does this mean that you have to be a frog to use this road? (X/@edinspotlight)
Does this mean that you have to be a frog to use this road? (X/@edinspotlight)

Simply a toad on a triangular sign that is outlined in red, it's a wonder might this might mean at first glance - but it's meaning is a lot more wholesome than you might think.

Often spotted in countrysides, this indicates that toads do use this road too, but not in little toad cars, rather they use it to cross on their way to breeding grounds during spring.

The sign is telling you that toads could be crossing at any given time, and to be cautious when driving across the way.

Keep your speed to a minimum and be attentive to the road, especially once it gets dark, when our amphibian friends may be making their merry way.

There is also an existing sign similar to this, but for otters.

But when people spotted the unique toad sign, they took to social media to share their fascination, with one posting on X, with a photo of the sign and videos of the toads: "I wandered past this sign this week near Prestwich and wondered if it was a wind up; then I came across this pond full of mating toads!"

Another posted a photo of the frog sign, writing: "The road around Holyrood Park is closed in the mornings due to the annual road migration. Still open to those on foot, but please watch out for toads on the road."

It is an odd sign, but they seem to be up for good reason. Beware of the toads!

Featured Image Credit: Anja Weber-Decker/Martina Gabersek/Getty Images

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