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Couple rents £1,000 private jet to join the mile-high club

Couple rents £1,000 private jet to join the mile-high club

There's a service which specifically offers it too

While having fantasies is completely normal, one couple appears to have gone the extra mile to pursue theirs, literally.

Except it's a mile up in the sky. The pair splashed out on renting a $1000 private jet purely so they could join the 'Mile High Club'.

I won't lie, when I hear 'Mile High Club' the image that's conjured up is one of having to contort oneself into all manner of acrobatic positions within the confines of an airliner toilet cubicle. All that with the knowledge that the attendants are 100% onto you.

Then, of course, there's the staggered walk of shame back to your seats one after the other, in front of all the other passengers. It's difficult to see the appeal really.

The video shows how to join the Mile High Club.
TikTok / onlyrosie.c12

However, one couple have bypassed all of those considerations and gone for an option which specifically caters to people who want to get their rocks off in the sky.

And yes, there is a company that specifically offers leisure flights for that purpose. It's called 'Love Cloud' and is based in Las Vegas. Of course it's based in Vegas...

A video posted to TikTok shows the interior of the plane, which is kitted out with a large mattress and pillows as well as two seats, presumably for take-off and landing.

But what about the pilots, you may be thinking?

The plane comes fully equipped.
TikTok / onlyrosie.c12

Won't they hear the goings-on in the cabin of the plane and get distracted?

Apparently not, as the video clarifies that the pilots wear headsets which drowns out the noise, so you can go nuts secure in the knowledge you won't be overheard. Good to know.

A quote from the Love Cloud website says: "We have customized the interior of the aircraft to exceed any other aircraft in the world. The custom made romantic interiors include a wireless sound and light system, red satin sheets, sex position pillows and cushions, and a custom made foam mattress to make your flight extremely comfortable.

"You and the pilot are separated by a secured curtain door. The pilot is also equipped with a noise canceling headset so that you and your partner have complete privacy throughout the flight."

You even get a certificate when you land to confirm that you have indeed joined the club. Atta boy.

The aircraft also cruises specifically at one mile above the desert, so there can be no doubt that you have indeed joined the Mile High Club.

I just hope they give it a good scrub down between passengers.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/onlyrosie.c12

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