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Twister lollies being made in factory is extremely weird to see

Twister lollies being made in factory is extremely weird to see

A video showing exactly how a competitor of Wall's Twister Ice Lollies are made has gone viral, leaving social media users baffled.

Social media users have been left baffled after a video showing how ice creams resembling Twister Lollies are made has gone viral.

Earlier this week, a TikTok account dedicated to showcasing how well-known food items are crafted posted a video from inside an ice cream factory.

In the two-minute video - which was shared with the account's 133,200 followers - a machine could be seen pumping out ice cream in colours yellow, turquoise and pink.

The ice cream then travelled along the conveyor belt where another machine haphazardly slotted in wooden sticks at random angles.

The delectable frozen dessert was then transported further along a conveyor belt, plunged into a freezer, and eventually packaged, boxed, and presumably shipped off.

Since being posted, the clip has wracked up a jaw-dropping 41.1 million views on TikTok and has garnered over one million likes.

Viewers have also flocked to the comments section to discuss the mayhem that is the ‘stick poker’.

One questioned: “Who designed the stick machine?”

Social media found the behind-the-scenes video satisfying, yet bizarre.

A second wrote: “Working in ice cream factory and I am 100% those sticks not gonna go through our quality team”.

“Maybe just let a person put the stick in or buy a new stick putter inner,” said a third.

The clip has also been shared via Twitter, where others have had their say.

One user wrote: “Sorry, but the haphazard way the sticks are being launched into the Twister Ice Lollies (or whatever they’re called here) is killing me.”

Responding to the clip, a second user replied: “I am a big fan of the ‘five minutes left of the Friday shift, the pub is calling, f**** it’ approach on display here.”

TikTok users couldn't wrap their heads around the way the machine was slotting in the lolly sticks.

Another wrote: “So satisfying (and yes the inserted sticks is quite frankly madness!)”

“There’s something about these videos that make them mesmerising. The rhythm. The balletic motion. The preci… Wait! What are you doing with those sticks?” joked a third.

On the topic of ice cream, earlier this year, an ice cream van business owner revealed that customers can get a little touchy when it comes to picking up their ice-cold treats.

Rahman Iqbal - who runs Ray’s Whippy - said that he once tried to liven up his business and changed the signature jingle that his van plays.

However, the businessman stated that the punters were having none of it.

Iqbal said: "I tried once and my customers wanted the old one back because it brings back their childhood memories.”

He also said that there were ‘rules for everything’ when it comes to running an ice cream truck business and that drivers aren’t allowed to play jingles out loud ‘before 12 pm and after 8 pm’.

Elsewhere, Ray also stated that he never eats ice cream when he’s ‘on the job’ but that his children love it.

Featured Image Credit: Pics: TikTok / @m.rahman5000

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