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First 'living Nostradamus' prediction for 2024 has just come true

First 'living Nostradamus' prediction for 2024 has just come true

He's actually got one right, let's hope the rest don't come true.

A fortune teller described as the 'living Nostradamus' has actually had one of his predictions come true, and we'd better hope this is just a lucky guess given some of the other things he believes will happen in 2024.

Athos Salomé wants people to believe he successfully predicted the coronavirus pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Now according to the Daily Star he predicted that we'd have 'three days of darkness' as a total solar eclipse would occur in April after a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun.

Just to remind you, a CME is an ejection of magnetic field and plasma mass from the sun and there's one every few days though they don't always have a massive effect on Earth.

Anyhow, this happened on 22 March and the effects reached us a couple of days layer, and it's thought to have been the largest solar storm in years.

Apparently we're in for 'three days of darkness' thanks to a coronal mass ejection and a solar eclipse.
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Depending on the speed it travels, a coronal mass ejection will give us between a few hours and a few days of warning before they arrive.

According to, while solar flares travel at the speed of light, a CME's top speed is the comparatively sluggish 1,900 miles per second, and many other celestial slowpokes can scrape along at 155 miles per second which gives us days to prepare.

The longer we have to get ready the better as they can mess with power grids and communication networks, so the advance warning lets us reduce the strain a CME might place on our infrastructure.

As for his prediction of a solar eclipse in April, pretty much everyone has known about that one for months and we've not yet seen the 'three days of darkness' Salome forecast.

He reckons things will get much worse for planet Earth.

We'd better cross our fingers that Salome is only right about the coronal mass ejection because some of the other things he's said will happen in 2024 are not encouraging.

Let's start with the more optimistic call that this is the year we finally make contact with aliens, with the 'living Nostradamus' claiming we'll communicate by 'encrypted signals intercepted by a network of telescopes'.

Meanwhile, he reckons the global superpowers will bicker over a mineral-rich asteroid that'll land on the planet.

On top of that, he believes 2024 is the year of 'AI awakening' where it'll become self-aware, not require human input to function and develop a language we can't understand.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Salome claims World War Three is an 'urgent reality' that'll be triggered by a cyber-attack or 'event in the South China Sea'.

Plus he reckons we'll be beset by a whole host of natural disasters, so the future according to Salome is pretty damn depressing.

Featured Image Credit: @athos_salome/Instagram Getty Stock Photo

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