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Man dating the ‘most identical twins on the planet’ says it’s ‘unfair’ he can’t marry them both

Man dating the ‘most identical twins on the planet’ says it’s ‘unfair’ he can’t marry them both

Ben Byrne is engaged to Anna and Lucy DeCinque but Australia's polygamy laws prevent him from tying the knot.

Twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque do everything together.

The 35-year-olds sleep in the same bed, eat all the same meals, shower together, and even 'go to the toilet at the same time'.

They wear the same clothes and even had the same plastic surgery to minimise the differences between them.

“We just think we’re one person,” the twins said during the latest episode of TLC’s Extreme Sisters.

The twins, who claim to be 'the most identical in the world', even have the same fiancé.

Anna and Lucy started dating Ben Byrne 11 years ago after they met him on Facebook.

Ben, who is also a twin, messaged the women separately and chatted to both of them for about six months.

When the twins started having feelings for Ben, they decided they should just both date him.

“Sharing a boyfriend for us means we get to be together all the time,” Anna says on the show.

“Having separate boyfriends just didn’t work, they just wanted to separate us.”

“There’s no jealousy in this relationship. If Ben kisses Anna, he’ll kiss me straight after," Lucy adds.

Ben lives with the sisters - and their mother - in Perth.

And yes, in case you're wondering, Ben is intimate with both the twins.

“Ben in his own way will please both of us. If Ben does something to one twin in the bedroom, he has to do it to the other,” they said.

While Ben has been engaged to the DeCinque twins since 2021, the three of them cannot tie the knot because of Australia's polygamy laws. Something that Ben says is 'totally unfair'.

“What’s holding us back is that you can’t marry two people,” he says.

“That’s our biggest hurdle.”

Earlier this year, the sisters revealed they were trying to get pregnant at the same time.

“We want to experience everything together. We can’t live without each other,” they told ITV’s This Morning.

“If it’s possible, we’d like to be pregnant together. At the end of the day, it’s how we choose to live our life and we’re happy like that.”

When asked whether Ben felt pressure around trying to impregnate both women at the same time they said it just meant 'double the love for Ben'.

“He understands that we need to be the same, we need to do everything together 24/7," they said.

“He totally understands us.

"We found our everything. We’re so thankful we found Ben.”

While the twins hope they will get pregnant at the same time, they would be happy if one of them became a mother first.

“As long as the child is happy and healthy, that’s all that matters," they said.

“We’ll both be the mums, Ben would be the dad, so they would have two mums and one father.”

Featured Image Credit: TLC. Instagram/AnnaLucy DeCinque.

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