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Mum gets revenge on plane passenger who refused to swap seats so she could sit with her kids

Mum gets revenge on plane passenger who refused to swap seats so she could sit with her kids

Cindy Arena turned the tables when the woman wanted to get away from the comedian's children.

A mother has revealed how she got revenge on a passenger who refused to swap seats and let her sit with her children during a flight.

Comedian Cindy Arena simply wanted to be with her two kids during the journey, however didn't pre-arrange the seats before hopping on board.

In a TikTok video, the mother of two explained that her children were four and six years old at the time when this happened.

She asked the passenger seated beside her children if they could swap.

But the woman wouldn't budge.

“The woman refused to get up. She refused and my two children at the time were like four and six,” she says in the minute-long video.

Arena said she was happy to sit in the seat that was printed on her ticket because those were the rules.

However, it didn’t take long for the woman to realise sitting next to two young kids could be annoying.

“I said okay no problem I'm not going to argue and I went to the back of the plane and sat in my assigned seat because she wouldn't give hers up,” Cindy said in the video.

Alavinphoto/Getty Images

“It was so peaceful and finally the stewardess comes up because I know she's coming because this b**ch is sitting next to my kids and there's nothing fun about that.

“And she said ‘Umm ma'am, she would like to trade seats with you now’ and I said ‘Oh no, no we need to stay in our assigned seats, have a good flight.’”

The post, which has now been viewed 1.4 million times, left many divided, as one person wrote: “Why would you want to sit next to a randos' kid.”

Another said: “I love malicious compliance.”

A third commented: “Have fun, sweetie [with a laughing emoji].”

However many were quick to side with the other passenger, citing it’s the parent's responsibility to ensure seats are booked together.

One person said: “When I pay extra I should not have to be punished …. It’s the parent’s responsibility to book flights early and in a way so they should stay together.”

Another shared: “As a mom of two kids, I pay to make sure we sit together. Lack of planning does not excuse this.”


Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Cindy Arena/Pexels

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