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Mum names her child Alpha Mael Armstrong because it was the ‘manliest’ name she could think of

Mum names her child Alpha Mael Armstrong because it was the ‘manliest’ name she could think of

People have been seriously divided after seeing the manly name.

A mother is getting absolutely roasted online for giving her son a bizarre and masculine name.

One mum posted to Facebook to disclose her son's name, which sent the internet into a frenzy.

She wrote: "My oldest son is named Alpha Mael (spelled Mael, means prince or chief) Armstrong

"And my mum absolutely hates it."

Well, can we blame her?

d3sign/Getty Images

KidSpot says the mum came up with the idea after trying to imagine the 'manliest' name possible.

But she firmly believes that the name is no laughing matter.

Defensively, she continues: "Not silly at all though. Different but not silly. Conveys a lot."

However, others begged to differ.

One user wrote: "The kid will be bullied so viciously that I'm surprised they'd ever strap that on their child."

Another said: “Oh God. I'd seriously PAY my child hundreds to name their kids anything BUT that."

While another said: "This makes me want to scream wtf.”

Others have suggested this is one of the most absurd attempts to hold onto any shred of toxic masculinity.

Speaking of, a recent study found that men are less likely to go vegetarian or vegan because they’ll be perceived as weak.

Yep, that’s right.

Westend61/Getty Images

A study conducted by researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) examined 4,897 Australian men and women and investigated their attitudes towards meat consumption and self-rated genders.

The research found that nearly three-quarters of male respondents would rather have a decade taken off their life than give up meat.

"Our findings support previous research suggesting that it is not simply being male that leads to greater meat consumption behaviours," the ANU study authors said.

"Instead, self-identified levels of masculinity may explain apparent gender differences, with more masculine men more resistant to reducing their meat intake.

"Interestingly, we also found some evidence that women’s femininity was similarly (and often, just as strongly) associated with meat-related attitudes as men’s masculinity.

"Thus, self-rated gender typicality can help us understand the gendered nature of meat consumption and low prevalence of veganism in Australia."

Perhaps, they’d feel more secure if there was Alpha Mael, to begin with? Or, you know, if they got into therapy ASAP.

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