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No Nut November is finally over and now men are embracing Destory D**k December

No Nut November is finally over and now men are embracing Destory D**k December

They're certainly making up for lost time.

Blokes around the world are celebrating the end of No Nut November.

The annual event sees men abstain from pleasuring themselves until completion for the whole month as a test of willpower.

Some also choose to avoid watching pornography, but the main aim is to avoid the act of masturbation during November.

However, it's now officially December 1 and they can finally rip in.

They've flooded the No Nut November Reddit page with cheers and celebrations.

One member said: "Congratulations! You can be proud of this achievement!"

Another added: "I just woke up from my nap and it just ended 2 hours ago for me. 4th claim this year. I'm proud of you c*mrade. Now go, blow the biggest nut. Till we meet again next year, peace."

Some people who do No Nut November believe holding off from ejaculation for a whole month can produce mental clarity and an increased sense of self-confidence.

While it might be different for some participants, Dr Rena Malik explained that the benefits of not nutting could help boost your fertility when you finally do have sex, but overall there wasn't much of a reason to do it, especially not for 30 days.

She explained that while there aren't any huge health problems caused by participating in No Nut November, it doesn't really help much either as you'll miss out on the benefits of masturbation.

towfiqu ahamed/Getty Images

She said: "There's a number of benefits to masturbation including better sleep, decreased heart rate, decreased stress and a lot of increase in feel good hormones.

"People can get a lot of pain and discomfort in their pelvic floor, or their testicles." Hello blue balls!

As for feelings of improved mental health and increased self-confidence, there may actually be some truth there.

The self-discipline required to make it through 30 days without orgasming proves to participants that they can set a goal and achieve it.

Now that No Nut November is officially over, blokes are gearing up for one hell of a December.

And we're not talking about the festive season.

Some people like to balance out No Nut November with Destroy D**k December and make up for some lost time.

There's no set rules when it comes to this additional challenge, but blokes are given free reign to nut as much as they like.

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