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People told they have 'eyes of a sniper' if they can find tiny stone in coffee mixer

People told they have 'eyes of a sniper' if they can find tiny stone in coffee mixer

Yup, here's another eye test, except it's about 1000x harder

Users online have been told that they have the 'eyes of a sniper' if they can complete the impossible task of pointing a pebble out of thousands of coffee beans.

Reddit is back with another whopper, and it's a major step up from the tiger in the forest illusion - this one may leave you stumped for days.

Thousands of coffee beans are sitting a mixer and have been photographed, and some sick freak thought it'd be a good idea to chuck an equally sized grey pebble in there, post it on social media and ask people to spot it.

Whether you want to or not, you'll be there, holding the phone an inch away from your face, like a crazy person, to best spot any grey dots.

Unlike the weird tiger photo though, this one doesn't have a set time limit - though you may never find the pebble:

Can you find the illusive pebble? (Reddit)
Can you find the illusive pebble? (Reddit)

Several users have been left reeling at where the pebble is among the coffee bean mess.

One user commented: "I’m not gonna destroy my brain looking for that."

Another said: "Plot twist: they mean a cocoa pebble"

A third put: "I still haven’t found it despite the given hint. All I can say is that it better be clearly a rock compared to a coffee bean or personally I’m in favour of burning you at the stake."

It is a fun little brainteaser, as long as you don't end up obsessing over the optical illusion and letting out your frustrations in the comments section like some other users.

"Can someone please draw it I’m going insane," one user pleaded.

However, after several requests from users for someone to draw it out after hints were posted by the creator, it became clear (sort of).

If you want to keep searching, stop scrolling now.

It was to the left and slightly below the pipe. (Reddit)
It was to the left and slightly below the pipe. (Reddit)

The pebble is literally smaller than a coffee bean.

It is an almost impossible task, so if you did manage to pick it out without any help then fair play, you might actually be qualified to be a sniper without knowing it.

The creator later revealed: "Left side, almost directly left of the joint where the curved metal arm meets the straight arm pointed at 7 o clock. Just smaller than a bean, whitish, kinda looks like a tooth."

Some angry users said it looked like 'chewed up gum' instead of a pebble, but those that found it were incredibly smug in the comments.

Did you find it? Did you pull some hair out? Did you bang your head on the wall like I did?

Either way, you're not alone.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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