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Man declared 'king of the internet' after showing off tornado drinking technique

Man declared 'king of the internet' after showing off tornado drinking technique

Anyone fancy trying this technique out?

A man has been hailed as the 'king of the internet' for his seriously impressive tornado drinking technique.

All of us have tried to show off by doing some kind of trick while drinking alcohol. From the infamous strawpedo beer drinking to the fabled 'Eyeball Paul' and various viral internet trends, humans have no shortage of inventive methods when it comes to downing alcohol.

However, none of these techniques compare to the skills of Hebei Pangzai, a man who found fame for his tornado drinking technique.

Watch the impressive footage below:

The baffling clip shows Pangzai - whose real name is Liu Shichao - opening several bottles of beer before swirling the glass around in a circular motion, creating a 'tornado' in the liquid.

Pangzai then gulps down the entire bottle before moving onto another bottle and repeating the same process once again.

Impressive, until you consider the inevitable hiccups from downing so much fizzy liquid.

Far from being deterred by the prospect of indigestion, Pangzai has created an entire social media persona around his wild drinking technique, proving that any skill can be marketed to the right audience.

Declaring himself the 'inventor of tornado beer drinking style', Pangzai shares the viral clips on his X account and has since amassed over 153k followers.


His viral videos often receive plenty of attention from followers, particularly the ones which see him knocking back several beers at once.

One video posted back in 2020 even shows Pangzai downing four beers at once, using the top of an empty bottle as a funnel.

"Always taking us where we didn’t know we wanted to go. Born leader," one person wrote under the video, while another added: "Stay fly king."

In the years since Pangzai created the tornado drinking content, he has since branched out into posting updates about his life in Hubei, China and cooking videos. However, the outlandish drinking clips remain the most popular amongst fans.

Pangazi's 4-in-1 beer drinking technique. (X/@hebeipangzai)
Pangazi's 4-in-1 beer drinking technique. (X/@hebeipangzai)

Following a brief period of silence on his social media account, Pangazi spoke to Rest of World in 2023 about his viral fame, revealing he perfected the technique on Chinese video sharing platform Kuaishou, before the videos found their way to Twitter.

He also reassured concerned fans that his drinking hasn't had a detrimental impact on his health, adding that he isn't addicted to alcohol.

"I have slightly high blood pressure, but that has been with me for years," he said.

"I’m not addicted to alcohol. I never drink alone."

Featured Image Credit: (X/@hebeipangzai)

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