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Simple roundabout has left drivers baffled as they can't decide what the correct lane is

Simple roundabout has left drivers baffled as they can't decide what the correct lane is

You'd think there was an easy answer but it seems drivers can't agree on a lane

We might all think we’re absolute pros while we’re driving solo through the local town blasting our music and wearing our shades.

But then a parent or even a friend gets in our car and grips onto the handles, unnecessarily criticising our every move - like yes, obviously you’re going to feel the bump when I go over it.

But even if you do think you’re a wizard of the roads, you might still get just as baffled by this photo as others.

A Reddit thread has people’s heads in mush as they can’t agree on the correct answer.

Shared to a UK driving page, one user asked: “Which lane would you go in to go straight ahead?”

Attached was a photo of a roundabout with three exits, shown as a left-hand exit and one directly straight ahead.

But the user has drawn a yellow line to show the right lane and a red line to show the left.

And it has absolutely divided people as they offer up different answers.

One commented: “The left is always the default for going straight ahead unless there are markings on the road specifically dictating otherwise.”

Another said: “You should use the left, unless congested where you would use both and merge in turn.”

But one user put: “I take yellow lane as drivers sit the red lane behind cars turning left. So long tail backs and when I take the yellow lane I get grief off other drivers. The lane does not merge it’s 1 lane exit.”

As one wrote: “I'd definitely use the right hand lane, otherwise what is the purpose of that lane?”

Although one Redditor joked: “Orange - down the middle disregarding everything in sight - only way innit.”

And another also criticised: “Let's first establish one thing. The design of that roundabout/road is completely dumb.”

Which lane would you choose?
Getty Stock Photo

One straight-talking user put: “Both allow straight ahead, which means you have to deal with the prospect of either giving way to another vehicle, or expecting to be given way because you are ahead of the vehicle to your right or left. It’s a classic merge in lane scenario that ‘everyone’ seems to struggle with; there isn’t a rule to assign right of way, you have to negotiate with traffic in the moment.”

Another user referenced the Highway Code, writing: “Use the left hand lane unless you are turning right or it is otherwise marked or the left hand lane is busy.”

The Highway Code also states: “On approaching a roundabout take notice and act on all the information available to you, including traffic signs, traffic lights and lane markings which direct you into the correct lane.

“You should use Mirrors - Signal - Manoeuvre at all stages.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Photo/Reddit

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