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Lad attempts to pass his driving test 10 years after first passing

Lad attempts to pass his driving test 10 years after first passing

Even experienced drivers can struggle to pass the test again

10 years on from passing his driving test and proving he had what it took to roam about on the roads of the UK, LADbible sent one of our best to give it another go.

While most motorists pass their driving test early on in their lives there are some who argue that drivers ought to retake it later on in life, so our man Jake headed down to DGN Driving in Wolverhampton to see how he'd do.

See how Jake got on:

If you want to pass your driving test you'll need to rack up no more than 15 faults, referred to as 'minors', and get no serious mistakes which are known as 'majors'.

With that in mind it was the moment of truth for Jake to prove to the world that his bald bonce buried beneath a baseball cap still knew how to pass a driving test.

Jake's fresh attempt to retake his driving test was overseen by instructor Pin Binning in the passenger's seat to keep an eye on any mistakes our man behind the wheel might make, and it was a good thing he was there.

Jake was billed as 'an experienced driver who should pass their test', but could he live up to the legend?

At first thing seemed to be going pretty well for Jake, he picked up a handful of minor faults but that's nothing new on the driving test.

He was even demonstrating plenty of good driving habits, especially when it came to keeping an eye out for other motorists on the road.

Jake's infectious sense of humour even appeared to be winning Pin over but it wasn't long before his inner nincompoop took over.

Sadly, Jake's hubris got the better of him as he made his first major error on a one-way street, hugging too close to the left side of the road when he was meant to be turning right out of it.

To add insult to injury Jake spent the lead-up to his first major fault patting himself on the back for a 'masterclass' in driving, and Pin kept shtum like any expert invigilator would so the error could play out.

If your invigilator has their head in their hands it tends not to be a good sign.

From there the mistakes kept piling up, with Jake racking up another major as he failed to pull off an emergency stop quickly enough and then picking up his third major seconds later by abandoning his previously keen powers of observation when pulling away from the stop.

A multitude of mistakes followed as Jake appeared to completely forget what a road sign looked like and couldn't plot his route to Dudley, instead begging for Google Maps to save him.

"There's no more signs to Dudley," our man behind the wheel lamented as he drove right past a sign to Dudley and promptly picked up another major as he forgot to signal properly at the roundabout.

We promise this man knows how to drive and is actually very good at it, things just spiralled a bit after Jake mistook his first major error for a 'masterclass'.

Pin had some driving tips for Jake.

Some of you expert drivers must wonder how you'd get on if you took the driving test again today and whether you'd make it without messing up.

Perhaps sensing that he hadn't done very well as 'the invigilator laughed at the end of the test', all Jake could do was wait for Pin's verdict and feedback.

Sadly he failed his test 10 years on with a plethora of major mistakes, each of which would have seen him fail.

His nine minor faults weren't enough to count him out by themselves, so if he could just cut out the big mistakes he'd have passed with flying colours.

Fortunately, what Jake lacks in ability to spot road signs to Dudley he more than makes up for with the gift of the gab and just about managed to convince the driving instructor to look at things from a certain point of view.

"If you do the maths there it's no majors," Jake said as he argued away his major faults, though we're not sure Pin was too convinced.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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