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‘Son who's been dead for six months' explains why he finally called his parents

‘Son who's been dead for six months' explains why he finally called his parents

Callum's parents thought he'd been dead and buried for six months

There’s been some absolutely mad viral moments this year. From Rihanna revealing she’s pregnant by dancing on a platform to Prince Harry’s ‘todger’ and from Phillip Schofield’s vape to Pope Francis’ AI coat, there’s been all sorts going round.

And a new one for the books is the lad calling up his parents ‘from the dead’.

No, it’s not some psychic medium stuff. His mum and dad genuinely believed he was six feet under.

In a mad act of sibling craziness, his sister told his parents he’d passed away to point score in an argument.

Callum told the twisted tale on New Zealand’s ZM Radio Show when callers were asked if they’d ever been ‘presumed dead’.

But I doubt the hosts Carl Fletcher, Vaughan Smith and Hayley Sproull were expecting someone to have been thought to be in the ground for the last six months.

He explained: “My sisters were in a bit of a tiff with my parents at the time and they weren't really getting along.

"I was living in Wellington while they were in Christchurch. My older sister actually called my parents up and told them that I had died."

The radio hosts were left stunned by Callum's story.

And it gets worse, his vengeful sisters even informed his parents he’d been buried - and that his ex-girlfriend’s parents didn’t want them at the funeral.

Obviously, the hosts were a little confused as to just why his parents had believed it for so long, questioning why he took so long to speak to them.

Callum hilariously explained why he finally decided to call them: “I was just busy with life and work and then I was like wait - I haven't heard from my parents in a while, I wonder what's going on?

"And I gave them a call up and my mum and dad are like 'you're alive?'

"My mum was absolutely in tears and my dad was just kind of gobsmacked - he was just like 'what the f**k is going on?'"

The studio erupted into laughter as he nonchalantly recounted the phone call, which would surely have been enough to put his parents in an early grave themselves.

Vaughan Smith dubbed it the 'wildest' call they had ever received. Credit:TikTok/@fvhzm
Vaughan Smith dubbed it the 'wildest' call they had ever received. Credit:TikTok/@fvhzm

The hosts then quizzed the caller on why his parents just casually accepted the news of his passing without questioning it.

"They were kinda like running around calling our other family seeing if they had heard anything, from what I was told," he explained.

"Then they didn't really know anything to go off so my parents just kind of presumed 'yeah he died'."

And if you think his sisters' wickedness couldn't get any worse - it did.

Callum revealed they had told his parent's that he had been stabbed to death.

Vaughan added: "Wait wait wait, you were murdered?

"You're not dead in an accident by your own hand, someone murdered you! This is the wildest phone call we've ever had.

"Were you the sort of person who would have been stabbed?"

Callum then comically responded: "I was not in some gangs but I will say, at the point in time, it wouldn't have been unpeculiar for me to get stabbed."

Unsurprisingly, his parents were ‘over the moon’ and aren’t exactly favouriting his sisters right now.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@fvhzm/Getty stock image

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