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Blokes are freaking out after learning what ‘stitch’ running along bottom of scrotum actually is

Blokes are freaking out after learning what ‘stitch’ running along bottom of scrotum actually is

It's more shocking than most men expected

Well there's no way of hiding it now, but if you haven't guessed by now, this article is about your ballsack.

And it's about one particular detail - but don't panic, everyone has it.

Men all have a scar running along the bottom of their scrotum, it's a fact, but a lot of people aren't aware of why this is.

But not to fear, as on today's episode of things you didn't need to know but maybe should know, we're going to try and explain it to you.

Hopefully one day it'll come up in the pub quiz and you can put your trivia to use, but for now here's your dose of daily knowledge.

The science behind it is that all humans essentially start their development from the same point in the womb, but the further it progresses, the more distinct each individual becomes.

Everyone starts off as a sperm and an egg, then from there you develop based on your genetics and chromosomes.

We all start from the same point of development in the womb.
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Boy and girl embryos are pretty much indistinguishable until about nine weeks into the pregnancy, at which point they start developing their own personal set of privates

This scar on the bottom of your balls, medically known as a Scrotal Raphe, forms during the development of the genitals.

The tissue in the babies where your goolies develop is the same and it's called labioscrotal swellings, it just develops into different things depending on whether the child has a Y chromosome or not.

For females, this tissue develops into the outer labia, whereas if the baby is male then the labioscrotal swellings will fuse together and develop into the scrotum, otherwise known as your trusty old ballsack.

And guys were pretty surprised to discover this little biological tidbit of trivia about themselves, although that's fair because we don't remember what goes on inside the womb.

Lots of men had their minds put at ease after worrying they were secretly 'two guys sewn into one', while someone else joked it meant 'the curtains are closed'.

Others were glad it wasn't secretly the scar from some horrible injury they don't remember having.

I wonder if they know what the 'Scrotal Raphe' is?
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Someone else seemed pretty chuffed to learn it, boasting that they'd 'evolved into a further being' which isn't really what happens but they seemed happy to learn something.

Not to wax lyrical about the wonders of the scrotum or anything, but it is a very sophisticated part of the body.

The optimal temperature of your b*****ks is a few degrees below human body temperature and the scrotum helps regulate this, which is why your undercarriage is looser when it's warmer to avoid overheating and shrivels up into a sturdier structure when cold to try and maintain temperature.

There's also space for your testicles to hang at different heights which gives us all sorts of advantages, chief of which is avoiding the pain of having your balls squashed together all the time.

Hanging at different heights is also another factor which helps control the temperature, it really seems to be a temperature control bonanza down there.

That's quite enough talking b*****ks for one day.

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