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People are realising they might be colour blind after seeing how those affected see the world

People are realising they might be colour blind after seeing how those affected see the world

The clip has left people questioning if they have the condition

A TikTok video showing how the world looks to people who are colour blind has left people questioning if they also have the condition as it appears ‘normal’ to them.

In the UK, around three million people have colour vision deficiency (CVD) - about 4.5 percent of the population - with about 300 million people affected worldwide.

The NHS says colour vision deficiency is what people usually refer to as colour blindness - although actual true colour blindness is rare.

The condition simply means that you see colours differently to most people and can struggle telling various colours apart.

The NHS states that most people often have trouble distinguishing shades of yellow, red and green - which is known as 'red-green' colour vision.

In some rare cases, blue, greens and yellows might be harder to spot - known as 'blue-yellow' deficiency.

According to figures from, men are more likely to suffer CVD than women with approximately one in 12 men and one in 200 women living with the condition.

A TikTok clip shows how those with colour blindness see.

And it turns out that some folks are only just realising they have it after watching a video on TikTok. Not ideal.

TikTok user Tess - or @tessromie as she’s known on the platform - shared a video that uses a special filter that shows people how those who are colour blind see the world.

Sharing the clip, she wrote: “Discovering how my colour blind husband sees the world” alongside the caption: “I’m in shock and I’ll never recover.”

And it appears that several people are also in shock, with one person saying: “I guess I’m finding out that I’m colour blind.”

Another commented: “Yo that’s how I see.”

While a third added: “Not trolling. I see no difference.”

The video has some questioning if they have the condition.

“Damn I guess I really am colour blind. Looks regular,” said a fellow TikToker.

Someone else said: “I'm colour blind and I literally watched the video over and over trying to figure out what they were talking about.”

Many of us may remember the colour blind test from our school days, which involved a series of coloured dots with a number hidden inside.

Earlier this year, a video showing one such test did the rounds on TikTok, prompting many to realise they struggled to see colours.

If you think you might have colour deficiency, then there's no need to worry as it usually isn't the indicator of something serious, however, it's best to go to your opticians for a proper test.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@tessromie

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