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There's a weird new trend were people are putting toilet paper in the fridge

There's a weird new trend were people are putting toilet paper in the fridge

It's not exactly the most appetising sight when you swing the fridge door open, but apparently it can work wonders

Putting a roll of toilet paper in the fridge used to be a bizarre remedy for a sore backside.

If you've been trapped on the loo all day with a bad bout of diarrhoea, a cold sheet of tissue can make all the difference - or so I've heard.

But people are now filling the shelves of their fridges with the stuff for a completely different reason - that's arguably even more bonkers.

Apparently, if you slip a roll of bog roll in between your milk and cheese, it can have quite an interesting effect.

It's not exactly the most appetising sight when you swing the door open, but people claim the tissue has a strange superpower.

It supposedly soaks up all the odours plaguing your fridge - and not just the ones radiating from your leftovers or fancy cheese.

Social media users say the toilet paper absorbs the moisture in the air that can contribute to mould, mildew and bad scents.

If you're food went out of date or there is a massive moisture build up, there's a good chance your fridge is ponging.

People are putting loo roll in the fridge for a bizarre reason.

If you aren't tightfisted and refuse to buy the sandpaper like stuff, you will know toilet paper is very absorbent.

So it apparently works in the same way while sat at the back of your shelf. Well, you're not going to give it pride of place are you?

One TikTok user even swears it is a secret hack stolen from the hotel industry, claiming it is commonplace in big kitchens.

If you fancy trying it out, just remember you need to grab a fresh roll straight from the packaging.

Don't plonk it near anything that could leak and discard of the roll after three weeks maximum, Parade says.

Obviously don't take it to the bathroom after it's done it's thing in the fridge because that's just plain wrong.

People have been left divided by the supposed 'hack' - although some did credit it as a cheap and simple solution.

Apparently toilet roll can absorb nasty odours in your fridge.
Getty Stock Image

One said: "Maybe. But then the roll smells right?"

Another wrote: "Use baking soda or charcoal. End of story."

While a third added: "Sodium bicarbonate is better and cheaper."

A fourth joked: "Great idea if you've had a vindaloo the previous night."

And a fifth chimed in: "I use charcoal!"

It's controversial to say the least, but at least you don't have the extra expense of a fridge deodoriser.

And unless there's another panic-buying phase, toilet roll is something that's always in steady supply. I don't think I'll be giving it a go though.

Featured Image Credit: Getty/Aitor Diageo / TikTok / @drewfrom63rd1

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