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People are shocked after watching video showing how easy it is for a rat to climb through your toilet

People are shocked after watching video showing how easy it is for a rat to climb through your toilet

It takes just seconds for the rat to scurry up the water pipes and into the toilet bowl.

A video showing how easy it is for a rat to climb up your toilet has resurfaced online and it's freaking people out.

The video shows a toilet cut in half and a rat making its way from the water pipes below to the toilet bowl.

Redditor padmanabhapillai posted it on the forum with the caption: "Watch how easily a rat can climb up your toilet."

In the video, the rat scurries up the water pipe, pauses briefly at the turn and then ends up in the toilet bowl within seconds.

Like some kind of toilet climbing Olympian champion. No one ever needed to see... this.

Commenters on the thread were rightly horrified.

"New fear unlocked," one person commented.

Another added: "That is why I flush before sitting down and poop fast enough so that rat can’t climb back in time."

A third said: "If my wife sees this she's going to have our toilet removed when I go to work. Thanks a f**king lot!"

Some people shared their own first hand experiences rat home invasions via the commode.

"My dog was in the living room one day, he started going towards the hallway. He stops himself and sniffs below the bathroom door. I, thinking that maybe a cleaning product had fell and spilled or something and that’s what he was smelling, open the door and there was a big ass rat staring at me on the toilet seat," one person commented.

A different user revealed: "This is so strange. My neighbours and I live in a city, right beside a massive new development. We are having issues with rats being pushed out from where they are building and trying to enter our homes."

They added: "My neighbour said they had water all over their bathroom and couldn't figure out why, but eventually figured out rats were climbing out of their toilets and running around the bathroom. I really wanted to not believe him, goddammit."

While others decided to give people something else to worry about.

"To everyone who is sitting on the toilet right now, seriously don't worry about the rats. What you should be worried about is the summer centipedes (particularly in the US) that like to hide right under the toilet seat at the back where you can't see them, and then they come out as you are pooping and tickle your bits," one person commented.

Great now we have even more to be worried about.

They continued: "Be careful if you feel an itch or a little something pressing - they're known to actually be able to wiggle up into your ass and lay eggs. But don't worry about the rats."

Great. If the rats don't get us, the snakes and centipedes will.

Featured Image Credit: National Geographic.

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