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Woman baffled after bloke sends massive break up text about 'grinding' after 3 dates

Woman baffled after bloke sends massive break up text about 'grinding' after 3 dates

The brutal text was 32 lines long...

As ABBA once said, breaking up is never easy.

And one woman has recently found herself the recipient of perhaps the most brutal break-up text in all of history.

The woman in question - whose name is still unknown - posted a video on social media revealing that a man that she'd recently enjoyed three festive dates with was calling time on their romance.

Having only met a handful of times, the split didn't cause too much devastation for the woman.

It was her laughable date's REASONING for calling off their romance - as well as the sheer size of the paragraph he sent - however, that has led to the video in question going viral.

Surrounded by some friends, the woman in the clip tells viewers: "Today I received a crazy text from a guy I went on three Hinge dates with," before she starts to read out the first line of the - quite frankly - colossal text message, which she also shared a screengrab of.

The woman was dumped for a brutal reason.

"I mostly want to preface by saying how much I've enjoyed talking to you and seeing you the last couple of weeks," the message began.

The dumper then went on the describe the woman as 'gorgeous and beautiful', adding that he longs to 'stare at her smile' all day long (creepy...), before dubbing her 'perfectly goofy' for not taking herself 'too seriously'.




The text went on to say: "You're so caring and have a lot of love and energy to give and I can see that every day.

"I could tell right away we had similarities and I love how you pointed out that your parents are so in love and it seems like you wanted to have the same kind of love as them."

The text was enormous.

It was then that the dumper dropped an extremely savage bombshell onto the woman when he revealed exactly why he didn't see a future with her, telling her that she doesn't 'grind' enough for his liking.

If, like me, you were initially confused by what he meant by this seemingly leering remark, then get your mind out of the gutter.

Because, it turns out, that the man in question is simply telling her that she doesn't put enough focus on physical exercise.

"I know it sounds terrible to say [but] I have to be honest because my life revolves around staying fit," the dumbfounding message read.

The couple met on Hinge.
Getty/Luis Alvarez

"That's just who I am and something I've been thinking about since Friday, and the right way to say this and the right way to say this that makes you understand how much I appreciate you.

"I don't even want to say this and I'm dreading sending it cuz I truly don't want you out of my life but right now is just not the right time."

And if that wasn't cringe-worthy enough, he ended the message with a piece of advice.

"Even with that said," the man continued. "I would love it it you reached out at some point in the future and I could very easily see if you grinded harder for 6 months or a year in the future or whatever it is I honestly think I would marry you."

The woman's pals couldn't help but laugh while reading the text.

The woman and her pals then burst out laughing in the video, as she exclaims: "I did cry a lot after receiving this, being told I am too fat by this guy!"

She went on to joke: "So I'm going to lose 20 pounds and I'll see him and we're gonna get married."

Admitting she was unsure how to reply to the text, the woman sarcastically suggested to viewers: "We were gonna say, 'if you paid for liposuction could we get married faster?'"

An iconic response.

Featured Image Credit: @catchupfeed/X

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