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Woman ‘shoots her shot’ with mystery man on plane

Woman ‘shoots her shot’ with mystery man on plane

A big flying metal box is quite the place to find Mr Right

Usually ‘shooting your shot’ with someone means just spending a few hours building up the courage to send them a DM.

But would you be brave enough to do it with someone while you’re thousands of feet in the air? And no, I’m not talking about the Mile High Club.

One woman decided that a big flying metal box was the perfect place to find her Mr Right.

During a Southwest Airlines flight earlier this year, Natalie, from California, spotted a good-looking bloke sitting right in front of her.

And a crush was born. A romance story began.

Instead of ‘dropping’ something into the aisle for him to pick up or you know, just starting a conversation, she chose a different method.

Natalie wrote a little note on a napkin and passed it to him: “If you're single / interested text me sometime," as well as her number so he could reach out.

Taking to TikTok, she showcased the romantic journey to her 21.8k followers, featuring a clip of her note, the seat in front of her and her reaction to getting an answering text.

Natalie decided to 'shoot her shot'.

Natalie subtitled the video to show us exactly what she was thinking during the event.

She started off after noticing him: "Really cute guy sitting in front of me on my flight, decided to shoot my shot," before handing said note over to her airline crush.

Natalie then said: "Freaking out because he turned around and introduced himself."




Then, we got the glimpse of a responding text which confirmed that her crush welcomed the unusual approach.

He wrote: "Hey Natalie, nice to meet you. And yes single and interested," with a little smiling emoji.

Thankfully, she didn’t do this at the beginning of the flight and have to sit through a potentially awkward journey.

Explaining when she decided to take the leap in her caption, she wrote: "Also did this towards the end of the flight so it wasn’t awkward for a long time just in case."

Natalie was nervous about shooting her shot while on a flight.

Commenters were ecstatic and so was the airline, with Southwest Airlines' official TikTok account commenting: "As the love airline, we’re now invested!"

One user wrote: "Where do we subscribe to relationship updates?"

While another joked: "Catch flights AND feelings."

Someone even wrote about a similar event that they experienced, explaining: "I have friends that met on a flight. The theme of their wedding was 'Love at first flight'."

Natalie thankfully made an update video shortly after to let everyone know that the pair had plans to go out on a date, with the mystery man texting about some locations he wanted to go to.

He wrote: "I'm free tomorrow and Monday night. Down for a date night?

"There's a couple of fun places I've been wanting to check out."

Ah, modern romance.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/NatalieBonbon

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