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Woman ended up with a baby sister after destroying parents' condoms

Keryn Donnelly

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Woman ended up with a baby sister after destroying parents' condoms

A woman from the US had been holding onto a secret for 25 years and has finally shared it on TikTok.

The TikToker named Keely explained that one day when she was home alone with a friend they snuck into her parent's bedroom.

While they were snooping around the room, they found some 'shiny packets' in her mum's bedside table.

"Mum, I'm so sorry," she began her video. "But I'm not sorry because Sam's here.


"My best friend and I went into my mum and dad's bedroom when we were younger, and there were some shiny packets on the nightstand."

The friend knew that the packets were condoms and explained to Keely what they were used for. They then decided to poke the packets with a sewing needle they also found in the room.


You know, for the lols.

Keely forgot about the incident with the condoms and was so excited when her parents told her they were pregnant six months later.

"My mum told me she was pregnant, and I was so happy," she said.


"But years later my mum still says, 'I don't know how she happened! We were so careful'."

People in the comments thought Keely's little practical joke was hilarious.

"We need your parents' reaction video asap," one person commented.

Another added: "This needs to be in your speech when your sister gets married."


A third said: "The minute you said 'shiny packets on the nightstand' I immediately went 'oh no'."

A fourth commented with: "You know you've held in a secret too long when you're yelling at us from your car."


While others said they hope her sister has thanked her for bringing her into this world.

"I hope you hold this over your sister's head every time you need a favour," one woman said.

Another user wrote: "How often do you say “I brought you into this world” to your own sister."

And one woman said she did the same thing and ended up with a little brother.

"Oh my gosh - my brother & I did the exact same thing but to a whole box we found in my dads drawer. Exactly 9 months later I got my new baby brother," she explained.

We can't wait to see the mum's reaction video.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/mama__kee.

Topics: News, TikTok, Sex and Relationships, Parenting

Keryn Donnelly
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