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Woman shocked by Airbnb listing that costs up to $1,500 per night to sleep in a tent outside

Woman shocked by Airbnb listing that costs up to $1,500 per night to sleep in a tent outside

Don't even get us started on the cleaning fee.

We know the Sydney rental crisis is through the roof right now, but one Airbnb owner is charging $1,500 for a tent.

Yes, a tent.

And no, it's not one of those magical Perkin’s tents that appear larger than it is in Harry Potter. reported that one woman, Caity, was left speechless after trying to find a place to stay after her friend’s party on Sydney’s northern beaches.

As the party was a 45-minute drive, Caity thought it would be cheaper to crash the night at an Airbnb.

She came across one place listed as ‘Camping Swag Under The Stars’, and, much to her surprise, the listing came with a hefty price tag.


For two campers, it would cost $1,156, however the price jumped to a staggering $1,500 for three people.

“At first, I thought it was some kind of insane glamping experience for that price,” Caity explained to Kidspot.

“But no, it was basically a swag and the photos of the property looked unkempt and the backyard looked like it hadn’t been mowed in months.”

And to make matters worse, the photos suggest the swag isn’t even set up when you arrive.

Guests will most likely have to pitch the tent themselves.


In the description, the host cites the swag’s ‘prime location and ocean views’

"Camp true and cosy under the stars in this waterproof camping bedroll swag,” it adds.

Caity disclosed to the outlet that when she confronted the owner about the price, the host wrote back: “Basically this Northern Beaches property has a fair amount of land for you to choose where your tent is pitched. It is in a prime location with ocean and valley views, or by night, very beautiful lights and the ocean can be heard.

“A main feature is the large blue pool, balcony and it's five minutes from multiple beaches, shops, nature walks and everything else you need. Sleeping bags, blankets and anything else you need can be supplied. House access for kitchen and hot showers is welcome if you choose.”

And just to make your head spin, the owner has included a $200 cleaning fee.

Cleaning what exactly?

Caity added that $80 would have been a more justifiable price.

She also said the owner either removed the listing or blocked her, as she can no longer see it.

Yikes, one star.

LADbible has reached out to Airbnb for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Airbnb

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