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Doctor shows what happens when you break a bone but never get it fixed

Doctor shows what happens when you break a bone but never get it fixed

In short, it's always best to get it fixed

A doctor has demonstrated what happens when you break a bone but never get it fixed.

Ultimately, if you do ever get a fracture, you should try and get it sorted out ASAP.

But what do you do if you live in a country like, say, America, where it costs an extortionate amount of money just to visit your GP?

Just ask this LA-based emergency physician, who discussed the topic on his TikTok page, Life of a Doctor.

In a recent clip, he stitches with footage of a man who appears to have what is described as a 'nonunion' - aka a bone that hasn't fixed itself.

Though the man looks happy enough as he picks up a hammer and starts working away, it's clear to see the top half of his arm is bent out of shape.

As explained by the doctor: "This is what happens when you break a bone but never get it fixed.

"Now this is called a nonunion, and what's left to hold the arm together are the skin, tendons and muscles."

According to OrthoInfo, there are two key things that need to happen for bone healing: stability and blood supply.

The orthopaedic education site explains: "All treatment of broken bones follows one basic rule: the broken pieces must be put back into position and prevented from moving out of place until they heal.

"Some fractures can be held in position with a cast. Some fractures require surgical fixation with devices like screws, plates, rods and frames."

And when it comes to blood supply, the organisation states: "Blood delivers the components required for healing to the fracture site.

"These include oxygen, healing cells, and the body's own chemicals necessary for healing (growth factors).

"The blood supply to the injured bone usually comes back on its own during the healing period."

Nutrition also plays an important role, with a well-balanced diet that includes protein, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin D helping to promote healing further.

If you miss out these important factors, there's a chance that the fracture could turn into a nonunion and further surgery may be required to fix it.

Hundreds of people have commented on the doctor's explainer, with many commenting on the man still being able to use his arm despite the injury.

The man has what appears to be a nonunion fracture.

"I can't believe he can still use it," said one, while another wrote, "Welp at least it’s functional."

A third added: "Seems to work just fine."

Others suggested that it 'looks painful', including this person who asked: "Wouldn’t this be excruciating?"

"That looks painful still," said another.

Here's hoping the man in the video isn't in pain. And if you ever find yourself with a broken bone, be sure to get it fixed as soon as possible if you can.

Featured Image Credit: @lifeofadoctor/TikTok/Roman Lacheev/Alamy

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