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UK Woman Says She Was Left With Broken Bone After Hornet Sting

UK Woman Says She Was Left With Broken Bone After Hornet Sting

She claims the swelling caused by the sting left her with a 'spiral fracture'

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A woman says she was left with a broken leg after being stung by a hornet - you can check out her injuries here:

Posting on TikTok Hannah, or @froman_, shared a clip of a bug caught inside a plastic tube asking: "Does anyone in the UK know what this is?"

The clip then cuts to a photo of her very badly bruised and swollen ankle, with the woman adding: "I got bitten and it doesn't look good."

The post was quickly flooded with comments, with most folks suggesting it was a hornet and that she ought to go and get it checked out.

In an update, the woman claimed that the swelling on her ankle got so bad it 'broke' her leg.


Speaking to the Daily Star, Hannah said: "I fell asleep outside and woke up to a sharp pain.

"I shouted and one of my housemates caught it [the hornet]."

She told the news outlet that she left it for a 'couple of days' to see if it would get better on its own, but when it didn't she decided to go to A&E.

Hannah added: "I thought it would just be infected but they said the swelling was so bad that it gave me a spiral fracture in my fibula.

"I'm now in my second cast because the swelling kept going and the first one broke.

"I'm using a wheelchair to get around, which helps, but I have to take injections in my stomach every single day to stop clotting."

Hannah says that her leg is slowly getting better but that she still can't put weight on it.


In the comments section people have been left horrified by the incident, with one person posting: "I'm never going outside again."

Someone else said: "I didn't know we had these in Britain!"

A third commented: "This is why I hate hornets."

Experts have warned that Asian hornets are making their way to the UK.

According to the Independent, 71 'Killer' Asian hornet queens have been spotted in Jersey.

Although given the scary nickname of 'killer' hornets, the insects are only deadly to those who have allergies - much like bees and wasps.

However, they do pose a very real threat to the UK's native bee population.

The Asian hornets eat honey bees and have been known to wipe out entire colonies in a single day.

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