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Horrifying simulation shows what would happen if you were sucked into a jet engine

Horrifying simulation shows what would happen if you were sucked into a jet engine

A reminder not to get too close to a jet engine next time you're at the airport

A simulation has revealed what will happen to your body if you're ever sucked into an airplane jet engine - and its truly horrifying.

The question: 'What would happen if I got sucked into a jet engine?' isn't a particularly cheery one, however, the human mind often wanders to dark places.

For the morbidly curious among us, there are plenty of simulations depicting exactly what happens to a human when they get too close to metal rotating at 1000mph, and it's not pretty.

(YouTube/@Atomic Marvel)
(YouTube/@Atomic Marvel)

Unsurprisingly, getting up close and personal with an airplane engine won't leave you in the best of shapes. In fact, it won't leave much of you at all.

A short explainer clip shared by Aviation Insider reveals that the rotating fan blades will swiftly turn a body into 'thousands of shredded pieces'.

Parts of the body will then be pushed through the engine, entering into the engine combustion chamber and bypass duct. This will then cause the engine to fail, not that it should be the biggest of your concerns in this situation.

Should anyone be wanting to watch a simulation of a human body be blitzed over and over again at multiple angles, Atomic Marvel has the full video uploaded to their channel for viewing.

Check out the truly disturbing footage below

Naturally, the video left viewers feeling a little creeped out by the limits of the human body compared to technology, resorting to humour to comfort themselves in the comments.

"Props to this guy for taking off his skin and purposefully getting sucked into a plane engine just to show us how it looks," one person wrote, before a second added: "Thank you for what you do! You are answering questions i have wondered about for a long time."

(Getty Stock Images)
(Getty Stock Images)

Tragically, people meeting their demise inside a jet engine isn't something which only happens in eerie simulations or video games but something that has actually happened in real life.

Back in 2006, a man died at El Paso airport in Texas after being sucked into a jet engine in a horrific accident.

The 64-year-old man was working at the airport as a mechanic when he was sucked into the jet engine of a Continental Airlines plane. There has been several more incidents in the US over the past few years, with jet engine deaths occurring in 2022, 2023 and 2024 at various aiports.

A man died in a similar manner last month at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam after being sucked into the engine of a KLM place. Dutch police later reported the incident to be a suicide.

Featured Image Credit: (@aviation_insider/YouTube)

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