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Official advice on when you should buy your real Christmas tree

Official advice on when you should buy your real Christmas tree

Bad news if you're one of 'those' people at Christmas

Every year it feels like the Christmas antics start earlier and earlier.

Especially since that more recent festive period when we were all in and out of lockdowns. But even without excuse, some people just love getting festive from the moment November starts.

And if you’re one of those people, then here’s some important advice for you.

By that, I mean those of you who decide to put your Christmas tree up very, very early (anything before December is way too soon in my opinion).

But if you are itching to get that real tree up and decorated, I hate to break it to you, but you actually should wait a little longer.

Over at Flowercard, the team previously revealed exactly how long you need to hold off to make sure you get the best of your tree in the build-up to Christmas.

It's nearly that time of year to figure out how to carry home your tree.
Jeff Brass / Stringer/Getty Images

According to the online florist, the end of November is the best time - ideally 28 November. That's if you want to pull the tree down on 1 January.

Flowercard chief Liam Lapping said: "The day you buy your Christmas tree is one of the most important decisions if you want to make sure it's still intact throughout the festive season."

He added: "If you take your Christmas tree down straight after New Year's Eve then you should buy your tree on the 28th November.

"However, if you take your Christmas tree down on the twelfth night then you should buy your tree on the 2nd December."

Liam went on: "If you want to follow tradition, then the traditional date to put your Christmas tree up is the afternoon of Christmas Eve, however, we definitely think we need to get in the Christmas spirit before then!"

Liam explained how Christmas trees usually last for around six weeks and it all depends on the care they are given.

So, how can you make sure you're looking after your little guy?

The official advice is that you need to wait just a little longer.
10'000 Hours/Getty Images

Well first things first - shake it to see how many needles come off. If there's loads, probably best to dodge it.

According to the Mirror, you can trim the trunk and take around 3cm off it using a saw (please be careful). From there you need to make sure water is being absorbed through the bottom.

It's always best to keep your tree in cooler conditions, away from fires or radiators because they will cause it to be dry and sad.

It's always best to grab yourself a good stand as well, it'll last years.

And you might want to check it for suspicious looking clumps too, for a very grim reason.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Photos

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