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Ex-Uber driver explains real reason behind why they cancel your requests

Ex-Uber driver explains real reason behind why they cancel your requests

"I could name you several reasons why I would cancel rides."

An ex-Uber driver has revealed the reason why your rides are often cancelled.

There's nothing more frustrating than waiting for your Uber request to be accepted, only to have it cancelled moments later - thus making you late to your intended destination.

It may seem like the driver is out to ruin your day by accepting and cancelling your request, however, it turns out there's actually a pretty straight-forward reason - and you might not like it.

If you're wondering what this reason is, look no further than TikTok, as there is plenty of discourse around the topic on the platform.

One TikTok user debunked some common Uber myths. (Getty Stock Images)
One TikTok user debunked some common Uber myths. (Getty Stock Images)

In a viral clip, user Rebecca Sophia Scott -@beccasophiascott - debunks an idea put forward by another user, which claims Uber drivers cancel ride requests from people they find attractive.

In the stitched clip fellow TikToker Megan Boni @girl_on_couch claimed: "If an Uber driver ever cancels on you, just know it’s because they saw that they connected with you for a ride, and they saw your picture, and they got a little too nervous […] because you’re so good-looking."

While Boni was most likely joking in her video, the idea that an Uber driver could decide whether or not to pick you up based on your physical appearance is a little creepy. Thankfully, Scott was quick to debunk the idea, revealing that Uber drivers don't have access to your personal details.

"We do not see your picture at all," she said. "You can see ours, we can't see yours."

This is backed up by Uber's privacy protection guidelines, which state drivers can only see your first name when accepting a trip.

When it came to the reasons why a driver might cancel your trip, Scott highlighted rating as being the most important thing drivers go off.

"So if your rating is like a 4.1 or a 4.2, we know something happened," she said.

"Maybe you threw up in the car. You made a mess. Maybe you left a mess. Maybe you were annoying […] but there is a reason why your rating is not at five stars, and you all have to admit it.

"A rating would definitely be a reason for me to cancel a ride."

Your Uber rating is key. (Getty Stock Images)
Your Uber rating is key. (Getty Stock Images)

Scott also revealed the name you use when signing up to Uber can factor in, adding that she believes the app should require all users to register with their legal name.

"Same if you have a super weird name, like a sketchy name [or] a scary name," she explained, adding that drivers also consider their own personal safety.

Scott added: "I don’t know how many Champagnes I picked up in Las Vegas. Or I don’t know, just letters. Just a K, T, or M. Like who are you?"

So there you have it, use your real name and behave during rides and your chances of getting picked up will increase.

Featured Image Credit: (Sheldon Cooper/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images/Getty Stock Images)

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