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Disturbing theory after woman finds confusing ‘beans’ in bathroom

Disturbing theory after woman finds confusing ‘beans’ in bathroom

She took to social media to ask people what they thought they could be

A woman was left baffled after discovering three tiny bean-shaped objects in her bathroom.

The woman was cleaning her bathroom when she spotted the unusual objects and, unable to work out exactly what they were, took to Facebook to ask for opinions.

And suggestions came in thick and fast, with folks suggesting just about everything from maggots to sultanas - not two things you want to get mixed up.

Responding to the post, one person said they ‘look like someone’s skin tags had fallen off’. Lovely - but I guess I can kind of see the similarities.

Another suggested: “Looks like what appears in a nappy when they've eaten too many sultanas.” However, the woman was able to confirm that there were no children living in her home at the time.

While others said they could be skinned sausages, toenails clippings or even live slugs - but the woman didn’t think any of these fit the bill, either. And I have to admit, I’m struggling to imagine a scenario where a skinned sausage would end up inside someone’s bathroom.

The woman was baffled after finding the bean-shaped objects in her bathroom.

She explained: “They are much, much smaller than that.” before adding: “Google image search didn’t help. I am thinking the wind blew them in.”

Several people thought the weird shapes could be insect larvae and shared similar-looking photos they’d found on Google.

And it was this theory that she believed to be the most likely after conducting a bit of her own research.

“I’ve since discovered (and killed) three large black ants wandering around the window area of my en-suite at different times,” she wrote.

“So I conclude, with members’ help) that they were ant pupae.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the lifecycle of ants - they pass through four distinct stages, which can take several weeks and kicks off with an egg.

She took to Facebook to ask people for their opinions.

If these eggs survive, then they go on to become ‘worm-shaped larva with no eyes or legs’, according to

Once a larva is large enough it metamorphoses into a pupa.

During this stage of ‘rest and reorganisation’ - ‘pupae look more like adults, but their legs and antennae are folded against their bodies’.

Although initially pale in colour, they get darker and some species of ant spin a cocoon for protection.

Once ready, the pupae will emerge as a fully grown adult ant. And presumably leave their cocoons lying around in people’s bathrooms to cause confusion online.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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