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Woman Refuses To Walk Son's Dog Because Name Is Too Embarrassing

Woman Refuses To Walk Son's Dog Because Name Is Too Embarrassing

She's not keen on the idea of having to shout the name out at a dog park

A dog owner has said his mum is too embarrassed to walk his new pooch due to its ‘silly’ name. 

As pretty much any pet owner will tell you, naming your new best pal can be fraught with issues - whether you go for something traditional or decide to mix it up a bit. 

One good tip when it comes to naming dogs is to consider how you’ll feel screaming the name across a park in a a 'Jesus Christ, Fenton’ style. 

But one new owner has admitted to giving his new labrador a ‘silly’ name that’s ended up back firing as his mum is now too embarrassed to walk him. 


The name in question? Woof. Yep, it's literally Woof.

I personally think it’s quite cute, but I can also see why his mum isn’t too keen on the prospect of having to shout that in a crowded park. 

Posting on Reddit, the man explained: "So I personally find this hilarious but my mother does not. I recently got a lab puppy and I named him Woof.

"Some of my friends like it, others think it is silly, while my mother hates it."

He went on to say he has no qualms about calling ‘Woof’ while out and about.

"I guess that's just my own sense of humour because I laugh when I call my dog's name out loud at a dog park,” he wrote. 

Before adding: "It's not like I need her to walk him as my girlfriend and I have plenty of time to do that ourselves - but my mother thinks I'm a bit of an a***h*** for the name still."

Mostly, his fellow Reddit users sided with him and agreed that the dog’s name was pretty funny and others shared their own silly pet names. 


One Redditor wrote: "We have a brown dog named Poo because he's brown - and we are still laughing 13 years later at 'Oh, look! There's Poo on the rug', 'There's Poo in the car,' 'There's Poo on the bed'. My dad has gotten a lot of mileage out of this."

While someone else sympathised with the guy’s mum, sharing: "My parents have a lovely all-white boxer that they let my little brother name when he was quite young, he named him Boo like a ghost.

"I felt like an idiot every time I would be out walking him and had to tell somebody his name and they gave me pretty weird looks. I do love that dog, but I never really got past his name."

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